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Who or what are you beyond what you are trained to believe about yourself and your world? If you are a seeker of truth and interested in the ultimate reality this meetup may be for you.

We will talk about sages, saints, mystics, enlightened/awakened human beings and a few philosophers throughout history and today. What did they experience and how did they transform? They went beyond their known selves to an oneness or non-dual awareness where their self had transformed into an universal/eternal One. They were living life from a wholesome way of being in the world. They were an actual embodiment of the mystery rather than a mental concept or dogma they believed in.

What can we learn from the mystics etc. (awakened beings mentioned above) and be inspired to awake ourselves? We will talk and discuss the mystics and the journey of awakening as well as share experiences we have had in our lives. We will also sit in silence for a short time and do some heart opening exercises. We will have coffee and tea and chocolate in a cozy relaxed environment.

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The mystical experience

2513 5th Ave


We will begin with sitting in silence for a short time and then talk and discuss some of the mystics throughout history and today. What were their insights and experiences? What did they have in common and what was the journey to awakening about? How does the mystical journey apply to our lives and can we ourselves transform as well? We can also share mystical experiences we have had in our lives and the on-going process of awakening to the no-self/oneness/non-dual reality. You do not need to know anything for this meetup. Just show up as you are with an open mind and open heart. I will also guide some heart opening exercises. I will provide a cozy environment at One Heart Space, where I will have coffee and tea and chocolate for all.

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