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Board games are a lot more fun when played with people who tend to communicate the way you do -- conceptually, reading between the lines, not taking things too literally except on purpose for humor, automatically considering multiple meanings, ability to interpolate and extrapolate -- other N wielders! Also, certain types of games give some of us something to do with our hands or minds while talking and listening. Or provide a break from the kind of thinking/feeling that one has been doing all day. It is interesting to see which games use which cognitive functions and how different types play. Sometimes playing one that uses a less developed function can be an interesting challenge or light amusement and other times too tiring and games relying on the dominant one are sought. It can help an individual be more aware of what comes with ease to them and what they are currently developing. Why not come give it a try? BElieve THEre is a bit of FUNny in everything.

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Calling all Ntuitive, Nventive, Nsightful, Nterested, Ntense, Nthusiastic, and Nvigorated people in the Seattle area!

This group is aimed at Myers-Briggs' types ENFP, INFP, ENTP, INTP, ENFJ, INFJ, ENTJ, and INTJ, also known as Keirsey's Rationals and Idealists. If you're not sure, here's a link to a quick questionnaire that will give you an idea of your personality preferences: ( . Or the type test (, which has pretty good questions and gives percentages on a bar graph.

Connect with people who identify with the Intuitive (N) personality aspect of type theory. Intuitives (Ns) only make up about 25% of the U.S. population, so it is often difficult to find others who get where you're coming from. Relax in the opportunity to communicate with other abstract language users and systems-oriented people. Metaphors, multiple meanings, reading between the lines, holistic view, possibilities, flexibility in time/space perspective... The N Crowd also has the potential to bring us together to revel in ideas and theorize with willing & capable participants and yet encourage us to get out of our heads and develop our Sensing aspects a bit while still in the company of other N individuals. Mingle with all kinds of Ns so that you can reinforce your dominant cognitive functions as well as improve your secondary or tertiary functions (depending on your stage in life) by interacting with those who already wield those functions well by early preference.
While a haven, this group also aims to develop better communication techniques with people preferring different language styles, as perhaps our combined flexibility of thought can come up with new ways of communicating effectively or at least share what we individually have already learned with each other so that all grow and can contribute our uniqueness to the world with greater success.

Come to the events and help make this group more than a vision!

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