• Open War Games Tables - Every Monday!

    The Games Tavern

    Tables are open for Warhammer 40,000 , Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Infinity, Flames of War, Team Yankee, and any miniatures games at The Games Tavern every Monday Evening.

  • Kill Team Monday!

    The Games Tavern

    Get your Kill Teams ready to infiltrate the enemy at The Games Tavern! Multiple tables available for your epic amazing skirmish game. Welcoming player groups here to show you how to play!

  • Hobby Nacht - Every Monday

    The Games Tavern

    Bring your paints and brushes to hobby on some of your miniatures on Hobby Nacht at The Game Tavern! The Games Tavern provides the group with painting stations, water mugs, and paper towels. Of course plenty of painting and modeling materials will be available at The Game Tavern as well.

  • Monday D&D 5th 6-9 in Alexandria, VA 22307

    Location visible to members

    A simple game of D&D 5th edition doing what D&D does best, tactical play with a light touch of character story. Please contact [masked] prior to attending. You must have a desire to make the game enjoyable for all involved. Teamwork and an easy going fun attitude are a must. If you lose it just because you can't munchkin your way to the top it's the wrong game for you.

  • Board Game Night - Every Tuesday

    The Games Tavern

    Bring your Board Games for board game night every Tuesday from 5PM-10PM at The Games Tavern. Plenty of tables, open and inviting atmosphere in a clean well lit location. Anyone who wants food delivered can pitch in for pizza and delivery for dinner.

  • Motor Pool - Building & Painting Armored Vehicles

    The Games Tavern

    Pop in with your armored models and find some zen at the hobby tables or hobby bar! Discover all the techniques to paint your models quickly or lavish them with detail and weathering. Painting tips and advice is always available from professional staff. Demos available for your unique painting needs.

  • Gunfighter's Ball Wild West Game - Green Horns School - Every Tuesday!

    Draw Gunfighter! Ride over to The Games Tavern to play probably the most entertaining wild west game ever seen! If you're an old hand at wargaming, you'll be relieved to know that these rules incorporate time-honored rule mechanisms that should be very intuitive for you, and they're also easy for newcomers to learn. Gunfighter's Ball is a tabletop miniature wargame; each player controls between one and three characters represented by 32mm miniatures and wild west battles are conducted on a table full of model terrain, all of which is produced by Knuckleduster Miniatures.

  • Woodbridge Dungeon and Dragons Adventure League!

    14801 Dining Way

    We are an Adventure League group that meets every Tuesday from roughly 6 pm to 10 pm. Currently we are doing Lost Mine of Phandelver, a tier 1 (1-4) introductory adventure, and Dungeon of the Mad Mage, a tier 2 (5-10) to tier 4 dungeon crawl when we have the players to do it and are currently on Level 2. We will meet up at Wegmans on the second floor of the dining area to the left on the other side of the kid's area. Material-wise you'll need a character sheet, writing utensils and dice, but those things can be lent to you until you can bring your own or you can use web versions as long as the DM can review them. Conduct wise we want to keep it mostly to PG-13 and be courteous to the store and other patrons in regard to noise and tidiness. http://dndadventurersleague.org/

  • Magic: The Gathering ***standard***

    Victory Comics

    M:TG and Heroclix including tournaments. Contact Victory Comics for details