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    I'm a D&D 3.5 DM with significant experience in Eberron campaigns.
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    Played RPGs since 1989
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    Hi, I just joined the yahoo group and wanted to use this meetup group as a resource as well. I am a gamer and am starting a convention in Winchester VA called 1d4Con and would like to make it known on this group if allowed. http://1d4con.com
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    I play mostly tabletop wargames and also old school Avalon Hill and SPI games. I would be interested in joining an RPG group that plays 1st edition D&D or D6 Star Wars RPG.
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    Hey all!
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    I love playing games. While time is limited, I'm hoping to attend as many sessions as possible.
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    Name is Nassir, I go by the name of Nas. I play any type of Role Playing game I actually prefer to be a DM rather than a player. I have my own little group of friends but, I am looking to branch out more.
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    Hi! My name is Ken, and I'll be moving to NoVa very soon. I am looking for a regular gaming group. My interests include L5R, D&D, Star Wars, and Shadowrun. But I am open to trying anything.
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    Looking for folks to game with somewhat closer in to DC (no car) but I am flexible depending
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    Wargames are fun!
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    I am looking to Game Master a Star Wars pen and paper RPG. Looking for 4 players. I am huge on story and characters. I aim to make the choices a player makes mean something in the game world. I emphasize roleplay as much as combat.
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    I'm starting a local RPG group focused on MouseGuard and Torchbearer; still occasionally playing tabletop mini games.
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    Find a group for RPG (any) Board games, Wargames anything really F2F
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    Hello All, I enjoy hosting and playing most games whether it is miniatures, or board games. The qualifying factors are good spirited, social- able, and flexible gamers. Like playing RPGs, but unable to commit to long-term campaigns.
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    Not so much into role playing games, although not totally against them but really enjoy most multi-player conflict boardgames. Finding time to commit to game play that coincides with the availabilty of those with similar interests is a big challenge.
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