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Lecture organized by the NYC Skeptics

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The NYC Skeptics ( are having a public lecture ( that will be of interest to all members of the meetup.

Massimo Pigliucci will be presenting:

Of Paradigm Shifts and the Objectivity of Science

The so-called science wars between defenders of science and its critics have seen much nonsense said and written about how science works. Even the mainstream media talk about paradigm shifts, often without knowing what they are talking about. Plenty of people seamlessly (though irrationally) go from the fact that science has limits to discarding it as a source of knowledge altogether, from the undeniable fact that individual scientists are human beings to the unwarranted conclusion that science as a whole cannot be objective. This presentation will attempt to clear the conceptual mud of this debate, identify the nonsense regardless of who utters it, and in the process provide a realistic view of what science is and isn't.

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Unrelated to the NYC Skeptics, the members of the meetup will be getting together after the talk at:

Cafe Charbon-Epicerie
170 Orchard St.

Please contact Bill Chapman, the assistant organizer for more information on the after-lecture gathering. Bill's note: "I haven't eaten at this place, but it looked nice and big enough for a large group, and the prices seemed reasonable. The waiter was not totally agreeable to separate checks. The place is 2 blocks East and 1 block North of the lecture. Many people from the Skeptics meetup have already RSVP'ed for this event on the Philosophy Now meetup.".

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