Cozymel's Mexican Grill

1654 Westgate Circle · Brentwood, TN

How to find us

We will be in the Cantina room (the windowed room to the left with the fireplace)

Location image of event venue


Agave… nectar of the Gods.

Did you know in ancient times, the fearsome tribesman believed that rubbing nectar from the agave plant on their face and torso would grant them magical power over their enemies during an impending battle? Soon the agave plant was revered as magical and highly regarded throughout the tribes. If you were caught removing an entire succulent leaf from the plant it was punishable by having to do the dishes, taking out the trash and filling up the car with gas- which we all know to be the most dreaded chores known to man.

OK seriously- I just made all that up. But Agave is the nectar the Gods, but in the shape of a refreshing margarita!


Come join us reveling in the nectar of the agave at Cozymels! If you feel the need to rub it about your face and torso- have at it. I don’t judge. I take photos, but I don’t judge.

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See you there!.

PLEASE NOTE: there is a capacity limit to this room, please RSVP considerately!