Past Meetup

Arrington Rain Out Option #1- Drinks and Grub at Drakes


Sad that our Arrington Picnic got rained out, stay dry with your peeps at Drakes with Rain Out option #1.

Drake’s, like the guy who named it (Brian McCarty), and the guy it’s named for (Bruce Drake), is a free-wheeling, fun-loving kind of joint. A place to hang out and let your hair down. A place to let yourself go a little. A neighborhood spot with something for everyone. Where you could run into just about anyone.

Quench your thirst with a selection of 24 artisan beers on tap. Not a beer drinker? Fret not, Drakes stocks a full bar for those whose palettes yearn for something a little different.

Drake's menu not only includes your traditional bar food of burgers an nachos but even touts a bit of Sushi- which suprisingly isn't bad!

Check out the menu here ( Come Play!