What we're about

The New Energy Concepts Group is where we can share our experiments on free energy and gravity control! This is an open source group that strives to rediscover lost and suppressed free energy and gravity control technologies.

This is not your typical geek forum. This group is about information. gathering, analyzing, and disclosing information.

The information we have gathered, comes from years of intelligence operations conducted in government and corporate laboratories and SCIF's. (Secure Communication Intelligence facilities), and many whislteblowers.

All of the programs we have infiltrated have to do with antigravity, free energy, and medical technologies. This information we share freely with you. Advanced technologies for the upliftment of all of humanity are already developed, yet are being enjoyed by only a small group of people. Learn who these people are and what their ultimate agenda is!
Learn of the advanced technologies, and how they work!

Jeffrey has been appointed by us to give this information to the public, but due to several attempts on his life, we have decided that all meetups will be virtual. We are looking for people who will independently verify these technologies and share it with the public.

Due to section 1832 of the economic espionage act of 1996, none of the information disclosed can be used for commercial or economic gain so please dont think your going to get rich off of these concepts. Ultimately though, what you do with the information disclosed here, is up to you.

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