What we're about

The New Girls Network is a DC Metro area forum where women motivated to create community, real meaningful connections, that supports each other to achieve big dreams in a curated, safe and nonjudgmental environment.

We don't have everything together, but together we have everything.

This group has been created as a dedicated space for women to work on self-development surrounded and supported by your peers. We recognize and value the intersectionality of our members and create experiences that honor the many parts of your identity. We want to build a community, a tribe of supportive women who want to better themselves through personal development workshops and meet other women who value growth, authenticity and friendship.

This meetup is run by Samantha Watson. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and accredited as an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation. Samantha is passionate about evoking transformation through experiential learning, to help targeted groups (women, LGBTQIA+, and people of color) move past the glass boxes and ceilings that society puts in our way to achieve our highest potential. Samantha is an experienced facilitator, coach, and training provider. She leverages a career researching and working on social justice and international development; from working on HR and inclusivity issues, to providing soft skills training to youth, to leading training for trainers. She has a bold approach, challenges clients to move towards their dreams and bases her work on a strong foundation of self-love and creating supportive systems (both in one's life and in organizations). Samantha lives in Washington, DC, with her son and two dogs. Her business, Breaking Glass Coaching, provides coaching, facilitation and organization development that focuses on celebrating diversity and creating the systems and conditions for everyone to succeed.

Meetups are designed around a specific topic and activity and are facilitated from the moment you walk in the door. You will never feel like you don’t belong, feel lost and confused, or like you are alone. We will focus on building connections and helping your grow your supportive community at every turn, while introducing concrete tools to better your relationships, work on personal development and get your closer to the life you are longing for. This is a multi-cultural, diverse group, and we honor and hold space for the diverse experiences our members bring.

How It Works:

If you are longing for soulful connections, a community to help you reimagine and reinvent your life, and a community that just gets what it means to be queer in the middle of all this, we welcome you. If you want to take charge of your life, build authentic connections, add moments of belly laughter and shake off the seriousness of your life, then come out and join us!

What You Get:

All meet ups are in DC proper, often either downtown or in the Brookland area. To each meetup, we bring a topic that is meaningful to your relationship, career, and self-development: stuff like dealing with learning to love yourself when much of the world is telling you not to be queer, self-care healthy boundaries overwhelm + people-pleasing syndrome. What do you take a stand for? What are your dreams? Who do you choose to be in your relationships? How do you want to show up at work and how to speak with confidence? What kind of Friend do you want to be? What does success look like to you? And maybe a little bit about sex and pleasure....

Meetups will offer a topic or resource to study and will have group coaching to both build community and help relate the specific topic to your life and your goals. Each session will bring personal value and help you grow through transformational coaching. Our dream is to help you take risks and become more confident, conscious, and fearless with your life.

If you are ready to be real and transparent, if you are ready for change, then the this meetup is for you.

Our Policy: If you RSVP for an event please attend. We understand that life happens and you may not be able to, but in that instance kindly change your RSVP to "not attending". Every meetup will have a very intimate group of women, so if you sign up and do not attend, you are taking the spot of another woman who wants to come!

For security purposes, we have made this a private group. Therefore you can only see the event location if you are a member of this group to ensure the safety of our members.

You must be 21 or older to attend our events.

Before Joining: Please take a moment and fill out your profile information completely and post a REAL photo of yourself, so we can make sure you are who you say you are! This is a Meetup for women and women only, sorry menfolk! You are awesome, but not allowed in our she-woman sisterhood.

* Spamming to the group is not welcome nor tolerated.

* Mutual respect is valued and is a necessity to remain part of this group. We have 0-tolerance policy for harassment and inappropriate/hostile conducts.

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