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Welcome to all who are interested in a slow handmade alternative to the fashion industry!

I am hosting a series of hand spinning and hand knitting classes with the intention to share these skills. The reasons broadly fit into environmental and social benefits, to offer options to what we are witnessing originating from the current fast fashion model.

The New Independent Spinners' Society recognises the history of spinning. The technological development over 20,000 years. The links to female focused communities gathering to spin a yarn, talk and create yarn. The industrial revolution, some masculine input. Gandhi finds spiritual enlightenment in the turning of the Charka, an Indian portable spinning wheel, he also used spinning to symbolise the Indian independence movement against British products.

I have no idea where this will grow but all I know now is that spinning has helped me to concentrate; given my hands something to do when I feel the urge to create; I can create what ever I want to create as it empowers me to make the clothes I want to make that fit me and my style. Spinning has given me moments to connect with strangers who have shown an interest in parks, restaurants or on trains. I has allowed me to break socially constructed fears about doing, expressing and my capacity.

Spinning is historically synonymous with women, however I view spinning as a gender neautral tool to express what is in your fingers so these workshops are open to anyone who would like to learn a new skill, make their own clothes, meet new people, join the slow fashion movement and want to make a difference for the environment with how they consume and interact with supply chains.

As with all things one must start at the beginning, so these meetings will start from the very beginning and learn new things as time progresses.

Please note you will experience hand cramp at some point. If this happens take a rest, massage your hands and start when you are ready again. Just like in yoga go with the pace of your body. If it hurts, stop, there's nothing to feel negative about, it's part of hand spinning and using new muscles.

Introductory classes cost €85. With this you receive the tools to get you started, and some 100g Dutch sheep roving.

Lessons are taught in English. However if you're patient I'm sure we don't need to use words to explain the techniques, if English is an inhibiting factor for your participation.

Get in touch if you want to start something like this in your own country let me know!

If this resonates and you feel it in your body then come along!


Samm xxx

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