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**So you want to join The New Moon Circle - The Green Goddess Spirituality Coven Creed and become a Spiritual Beings! **

A 'Coven', is of course a gathering of Spiritual People. Whilst this Coven is not a gathering of Spiritual Beings, it is a Course enabling a person to become a solitary spiritual being. If you want to become a Spiritual Being, then you can join This Group and practice Course of Lessons and Steps - for suggested donation fees! As High Priestess of the Coven of Spiritual Beings, known as AllowingPsychic New Moon Circle - The Green Goddess Spirituality Coven Creed, I, AllowingPsychic will guide and instruct you on how to live a magical life.

Are you interested in learning the art of "witchcraft" "white magick" in a positive, interactive, safe and secular environment?

Start transforming your life by learning this ancient craft in our Green Goddess Spirituality Coven Creed-Witchcraft Manifestation course.

Participants will learn and experience the following (within the framework of using these tools for good and positivity ONLY): using magical tools, working with the elements, raising and directing energy, trance work, meditation, ritual( spell is used for marketing purpose) casting theory and practice, cleansing and consecrating, building thought forms, working with the spirit world and Deity-- plus much more!

All are welcome! Students will benefit and learn from positive, nurturing, and experienced witchcraft practitioners who are passionate about guiding trainees towards spiritual growth and knowing.

New Moon Circle - The Green Goddess Spirituality Coven Creed is derived from a tradition that celebrates nature. The most important rule to live by for Green Spiritual Goddess is "If it harms none, do what you will", the onus being on the individual to know right from wrong, keeping in mind the "Three-Fold Law" and the full version of the "New Moon Circle - The Green Goddess Spirituality Coven Creed!". A Green Spirituality Coven Creed uses the power of the new moon, nature, and all the gifts that Mother Nature bestows to achieve the life they want to live.

To make the commitment to become a Green Spiritual Goddess means you are prepared to put in the time, effort, and energy to learn as much as you can. To ‘practice’ the Craft means just that – you need to practice. And what does practice make - perfect of course!

You’ll soon discover you are well on your way to living a magical life with all that goes with it. A magical life is filled with contentment, happiness, and success, and I hope to reveal how you can achieve this by becoming a Spiritual Green Goddess. I will show you ways to make manifest your own motivation and inspiration to aid your creativity. And for you to gain a sense of serenity and be more able to deal with and overcome everyday problems. And with this comes an improved self-confidence so that you begin to wake up every day feeling really excited about your life and the happenings, people and events in it.

Hopefully, by the end of each course, you will find all the advice, inspiration, motivation, and help you need to create the magical life you want to lead.

The life you deserve!

Learning all you can is so vitally important so that you can gain knowledge. "Knowledge is Power" and Power can be used by you to enhance every aspect of yourself and how you live your life.

Why join The New Moon Circle - The Green Goddess Spirituality Coven Creed?

You will quickly and easily learn the basics of Rituals, Energy Vibration, Craft and Magic, including practical and useful skills that apply to everyday life. You will learn about the tools and ingredients needed for Magic and how to cast Rituals. You will learn about the phases of the moon, the significance of the seasons of the year, and the ways in which the elements impact our lives.

And much much more...

Join New Moon Circle - The Green Goddess Spirituality Coven Creed, where is all about Meditation*Psychic Development, Mediumship Awareness, The New Moon Abundance, Crafts Coven, Wiccan Rede, the Rede of Wiccae or the Spiritual Creed! This Group is About the Gathering of Great People who wish to develop their psychic abilities in a comfortable environment. Our Group includes Meditations, The New Moon Abundance, Discussions, Spirituality, Mediumship, Psychic abilities, Angels, Spiritual Guide, Rituals, Goddess, Ghost, Healing, Hypnosis, and other Phenomenon experiences.

Training and Seminars are charged based on the event and location. (The suggested donations for group sessions run between $10.00 to $45.00, and more, based on workshop, training, and certification).

This group is private and closed and its part of a Non Profit, specifically designed to help you in all areas of your life, there will be a charge for our events and training, you are asked to pay in advance to secure your seat. The portion of your payment will be donated to help people in need, such as homeless teens, and towards our nonprofit for better services.

Please keep in mind that you can make a difference in your life and someone else's life.

Please Note: Only RSVP if you are Ready and Accountable to Attend Our Scheduled Event. (No Flaking)

Our organization is dedicated to helping homeless and none homeless to restore dignity and hope, as well as helping people who are on the edge of becoming homeless. However, we cannot offer free services or help with money, shelter, medical, or obtaining legal assistance. Instead, we can help with special training which will help members to reprogram the subconscious mind, so they can heal emotionally and spiritually from the boredom of shame, guilt, and sorrow, among many other things.

"The project brought to you because there aren't enough chances for individuals and families to get the emotional support they need". People are unaware of Goddess, witches or they think they are bad, the truth is, and there are Good and bad in all walks of life. "Every day people are facing challenges. Many of them have serious emotional and mental illnesses or are substance dependent. The project will give homeless and none homeless people their dignity, hope, and immediate access to special training that will be a helpful resource to change their mindset."

The program will be able to change these individuals' lives and other communities by making residents, volunteers especially, aware that the homeless they see on the streets are people, just like anyone else.

Our plan is to host weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly educational study groups and practice. It will be a great place for all Alternative, Spiritual and Educational Gathering of Great people of all.

Serious members will be required to be active in this circle as we will close the membership once we meet our quota. Therefore, inactive fledglings will be removed.

Please keep in mind that our development circle is a place to gather, for both those exploring their psychic and spiritual path as well as those already on their path. Here you will learn to enhance your abilities and expand your psychic/medium/intuitive gifts by practicing and sharing your psychic pathway with the group.

Please RSVP if you plan to attend, so we know who we are waiting for before we start the circle, meditation, training, etc. (There is no need to send a "No" RSVP if you are not attending)

Please Note: Membership is $5.00 year! There will be a donation request for each event. This is to cover paying for meetup website, organizing, planning, Inviting speakers, training, light refreshments, materials, and to secure multiple quality events and securing sponsors to reduce rental and training rates and for drinks, entrance fees, etc.


1. Events held on the 4th Thursday or Sunday of the month at 7 pm. Locations can vary.

2. All members are required to attend a monthly Meetup at least once every 6 weeks.

3. If a member is unable to comply with monthly Meetup attendance requirements due to school or work, they will need to contact AllowingPsychic/me privately to discuss their options.

4. Members will ensure that their RSVP is current by checking the event listing. If you are currently a No but are able to attend, please change your RSVP to Yes. If you are a Yes, but are not able to attend, please change your RSVP to a No. These changes should occur by 1 hour before the Meetup if possible.

5. If you are listed as a YES, but discover you are unable to attend at the last minute, please drop me a private email (up to 24 hours after the Meetup) to ensure you are not listed as a No Show. Members are allowed a maximum of 3 No Shows before being removed for attendance issues.

However, if you are listed as a No or have not RSVPed at all and show up, we may have to write an essay or do a dance, or a card trick, or quiz you on your knowledge... I think you get the point. Please remember to RSVP.

6. All suggestions for events should be sent to AllowingPsychic directly.

EMAIL AllowingPsychic Here

7. Members are prohibited from posting personal contact info in their profiles, message board, or in RSVP/comments for event listings. For direct contact with specific members please use the email option provided by Meetup.com.

9. For the safety of all, members will not post or promote the location of the Meetup event on any comment, RSVP comment, or any other website.

10. All members will be respectful to this group, the members, and it's rules of conduct.

11. If indeed you have read all these rules (agree to abide by them), please reply with "I AGREE" on your profile where it asks if you have read and agree to abide.

Should a member fail to meet these requirements they will be removed from this group.

Soliciting or proselytizing on the behalf of a business, political, or religious groups and/or personal interests without the express, formal permission of the Sherman Oaks Meetup Organizer (AllowingPsychic) is not acceptable.

Disruptive or disorderly conduct is grounds for immediate dismissal from the group.

The use of photographic or video/audio recording devices of any kind is strictly prohibited without prior express permission from the Sherman Oaks - Moon Circle - The Green Goddess Spirituality Coven Creed Meetup Organizer (AllowingPsychic) and participants.

Thanks for joining I am excited and looking forward to meeting you at the next event!

** No-show policy – If a member misses an event they will lose their registration fee to that event or will be offered to attend in the next upcoming classes.

Thanks for understanding.

Group Organizer


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