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This is a group for anyone interested in getting affordable help and support with parenting challenges.

Many years ago I spent many hours in the company of Jean Liedloff author of The Continuum Concept - In Search of Happiness Lost...This changed my life completely.

6 years later I became a father have started to work with my eldest daughter Elsie (now 23) helping parents take a new look at how they parent and helping them to take on a non-adversarial style of parenting.

Elsie works with struggling parents and children as she trains as a Psychotherapist utilising her unprecedented experience as a child of the non-adversarial way. Her experience brings a unique insight into helping parents who struggle with common challenges that have become so 'normal' and so inappropriate in our society.

You can find out more about The New Parent by watching this video (http://www.thenewparent.com/find-out-more) from Elsie; she invites you to join our paid membership community which, whilst you are very welcome to, I am not asking you to do - more to check out what she talks about so you can get more of an idea of what The New Parent way is.

Watch here: http://www.thenewparent.com/find-out-more

There is much scientific evidence available indicating that accepted 'normal' parenting practices go a long way to impacting the mental and emotional health of our beloved children now and later in their adult life. My mission is to share the magic of non-adversarial parenting that unfolds a world of cooperation, mutual respect and social awareness that helps to access natural self expression for both parent and child.

This meet up is perfect for parents young and old, parents to be and those with all ages of children. Why not come along and join in the conversation?

Be prepared for a very different and perhaps surprisingly new perspective…


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