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Abraham- Hicks Discussion of Law of Attraction: Hosted by Jann Rossbach
Come and join us for inspiration and fun as we watch a segment from an Abraham-Hicks workshop. Share in discussion, breathing exercise, crystal bowls, snacks, just FUN. That's interactive, experiential evening to come together and expand our awareness of the All is Wellness of Life. Sound good? It is! Format: Meet and open circle - crystal bowl, breath work - watch a DVD segment - share - enjoy snacks (everything provided, but feel free to bring anything to eat that you would like). Love donation appreciated. Hope to see you there. Call with any questions. Facilitator: Jann Rossbach[masked] Abraham Hicks (

The Aquarian Cultural Center

238 Peachtree Street · Cocoa, FL


What we're about

We are a community of metaphysicians, coming together to honor our divinity while exploring our humanity. Through different talks and special music presentations, we gather each week to celebrate life and the wonderful experiences we can create for ourselves, each other, and our community.Diverse in community we welcome all regardless of perceived differences. If you are losing your religion, or never had one, yet know you are part of something grand, then we are the place for you. If you are ready to be a vital force in the world, live your unique expression fully, honor your inner guidance, express unbounded love, and take responsibility for your impact on the planet, join us for Sunday Good Vibrations POD party.

10:30 a.m. Meet and greet with coffee and snacks

10:45 a.m. Opening Circle and great music with the Higher Sound Experience, then invigorating spiritual exploration with Rev Mark (or one of our many amazing guest speakers!)

Inspirational leader, Rev. Mark Pasqualino, shares his mission statement:

“ My passion is to guide you on a journey to the center of the Universe; a journey into the depths of your ‘inner space’, all through the portal of your heart.”

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Address 238 Peachtree Street, Cocoa, Florida 32922

What to bring with you:

Bring Your hearts, your smiles, your dreams and your fears, your love, your pain, your joy and your tears. Bring your wisdom and your ignorance ,bring your confusion of mind, bring all of your experiences as you've walked through your Time. Bring your failures and successes in all that you do, your visions, your Soul...YES, my friends...
Just bring YOU!

A New Way

A ripple of Love sent through the Universe to roam;
The target, your heart, a call to come home.
Remember the loving, remember the light.
Remember the morning, brings pause to the night.

So let’s have a dawn, let’s start again.
If you’ve walked out the door, then walk right back in.
If you think you’re unmissed, then mislead you might be.
Just watch all the smiles, when your faces we see.

If there’s something you need, something you want.
Come on back in, sit right in the front.
We’ll love you, we’ll hold you, we’ll sing to your heart.
Here on this stage, we all have our part.

If you’ve never been here, then come look our way.
We have an idea how to live a New Way.
We’re actors and singers, we all have our role.
We offer a message that speaks to your soul.

We honor the thought that “all” can be free.
We invite all of you; the “People of Diversity”.
With eyes of love we see through life’s big façade.
Growing our Community; “The New Way POD”.


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