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Dear book club members: On Saturday, July 12, we'll meet at 7 p.m. to discuss Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. According to Amazon.com:

"To read this classic as an adult is a joy: it's a sweeping, disturbing, intense, thrilling, very romantic, Gothic love story, written in the voice of a very intense, almost claustrophobically self-aware young heroine. Jane is no Ophelia - she's a complicated, remarkable character, and a very strong female character in a genre that usually draws women as beautiful victims at best. There's something for everyone in this book: windswept castles, difficult and neurotic family members, dark secrets about tragic former lovers, good triumphing over evil, all that good juicy stuff that makes a great romantic story. What elevates Jane Eyre is Bronte's remarkable style, skill, and her sharp and complex characterizations. Here is one novel that more than lives up to its 'classic' status."

So grab a cool drink, put your feet up, have a good read, and then come join us to discuss what you thought of this classic (cool drinks will also be available here!).