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The aim of this Meetup is to provide a forum where men and women can share and learn the views of others on the many ways in which gender roles have an impact on our lives. The goals of Feminists and Masculists ring hollow if by definition, they marginalize the concerns of the other gender. Despite all the changes to societal expectations for each gender in the past century, certain traditional patterns remain. Some of these traditions amplify innate differences, while others arguably represent the arbitrary effects of cultural conditioning.

Gender in the News, Equal Pay, Sexual Harassment, Life Expectancy, Rape, Workplace Deaths, Dress Codes, Marriage and the Law, Parenthood, Overpopulation, Domestic Violence, Jewelry, Flowers, Sports, Violence, Androgyny, Dating, Money, Sexuality, Hetero & Homosexuality, Pornography, GLBT Rights, Reproductive Rights, Religion, Incarceration, Health Care, Child Care, Prostitution, The Military, Suicide, etc.

The ultimate goal of this Meetup will be to question gender roles - Why do they exist? Are they necessary? Should they be changed? What do fossil fuel depletion and overpopulation portend for the future of gender roles?

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