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What we’re about

Welcome to The New York City Hiking Group, the oldest of all hiking and outdoor groups on Meetup, and the biggest based in NYC.

Requirements for membership application (make sure your email is reachable by organizers via Meetup, if not, your membership application will be rejected outright):

1. Legal name (e.g., Bob, Anne B., etc., NOT Xxx123, USA1, etc.)

2. A clear photo of yourself

3. All the questions earnestly answered

4. "Yes" to having read the group rules and that you agree to abide by:

5. A membership is for ONE PERSON.  You cannot join as a couple or a group.

If any of the above requirements are not met, your membership application will be rejected.

If you try to join in order to cross-promote, spam or engage in any questionable activity, you will be removed and banned outright.

We have annual membership due of $5/yr to help pay for Meetup fees.  Membership dues are not refundable.


If you are interested in cycling adventures, please join Bike to Adventure.