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Tidyall by Jonathan Swartz

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Great code tidiers and validators exist for just about every language (Perl, HTML, Javascript, CSS...), but each tool has its own interface and idiosyncracies. Applying the right ones to all files in your project can be painful and error prone.

Enter tidyall: a unifying framework for code tidiers and validators. A single config file at the top of your project specifies which tools to use on which files. Besides the command-line, you can run tidyall in a variety of useful contexts: your editor, git/svn pre-commit hooks, unit tests, and Dist::Zilla builds.

The author will describe tidyall and, more generally, the benefits of enforcing common styles in a multi-developer, multi-lingual code base.

For more information about tidyall see


Jonathan Swartz is a 15+ year unabashed Perl devotee living in Berkeley, CA. He's the author of various CPAN distributions including Mason, Poet and CHI. He currently consults for Hearst Magazines in New York as well as VeriFone, Inc.