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If you love to play racquetball, but can’t find a court or some friendly games to get going, welcome to the club. New York City has proven to be a tough place for racquetballers. Seems there are a lot of us who want to play – but there is very little in terms of local organization and even fewer places to get a court. So having little to no options, I decided to create the NYC Racquetball Meetup group to get something going. This group is intended to be a starting point to growing an NYC-based racquetball community where people can self-organize games, events and get information. We will start with quarterly ladders, and then hopefully add in pick-up game nights and round-robin tournaments once the group grows. Who knows, maybe we can add a little social element to this as well. So get in on the action! Join for fun, or if you are joining for competition or for a ladder, please mention that specifically in your intro, or separate email. See first meetup for details -- Paul

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