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I'm sending out this notice to you all because I think it's important and could positively change your life. I have access to an audio program related to the LAW OF ATTRACTION. It was created by Kevin Trudeau. It's a 13 cd audio set that educates you about what the LAW OF ATTRACTION is and how to use it to your benefit and not to your detriment. It is called YOUR WISH IS YOUR COMMAND Ever since I first heard YWIYC in 2011 and kept re-listening to it over and over and over again I'd seen how powerful my thoughts and feelings were. As I kept up the repetition of listening to the audios and also reading the books that Kevin recommended I've seen tremendously positive changes in my life. It's a VERY SIMPLE program and that is part of its POWER. There is no magic pill or 'secret' given in this program except to say that the secret is basically doing the right things, long enough, consistently, with a good attitude. People often listen to programs like this or attend events and 'try' to apply them for a few weeks or a couple months and don't see the results they think they want or that they think or best for them. Sometimes it takes more than a few weeks or couple months to change our programming that's the results of years, if not decades of previous programming. I can allow you to have FREE access to this amazingly powerful and simple audio program via DROPBOX or GOOGLE DRIVE. Send me an email with your email address so i can let you access the program. Each audio is approximately an hour long. I recommended listening up to 2x to each audio..don't listen to the same one over and over....maybe twice then on to the can re-listen to the whole thing again after if you wish. I actually strongly encourage that. That has you internalize and become the information more and have you actually create and manifest the circumstances you desire in your life faster and easier. I'm considering then setting up in person meetings in NYC or possibly conference calls where we discuss the material and help each other understand it even more. I'm also considering group conference calls as well in order for us to 'mastermind' together and support each other in having the life of our dreams. That means different things to different people and there is no good or bad dreams or goals. We're all individuals and desire different things in life. Also, if you're interested I can let you know about a mastermind conference I'm attending October 16-18 in Disney/Orlando with my Global Success Club. This audio program and this club are not for everyone and that's ok. However, if you like what you hear in the audio program and about the Club you could radically, positively change your life for the better! SEE YOU ON THE BEACHES OF THE WORLD! JONATHAN A. AUGUST

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We are a casual yet professional group of small business entrepreneurs who meet monthly to get to know one another and resultingly grow our revenues through word of mouth contact and learning more about each other's enterprises. The more you know the more you can recommend, the better the networking opportunities.

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