#TNYSCM16 / Fashion's On-Demand & Sustainability Unit Economics

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#TNYSCM16 / Fashion's On-Demand, Circularity, & Sustainability Unit Economics

Did you know that US fashion retailers had $50 BILLION in deadstock in 2018? Why are brands drowning in inventory nobody wants, with 73% of all textiles landing in landfill or being incinerated? 40% of consumers will pay MORE for an item that is personalized and become more brand loyal with drastically reduced returns. Why are we still producing fashion for volume when what's needed is a shift towards localized, sustainable, circular, and transparent on-demand manufacturing?

Student teams are matched with NYC Metro Area advanced manufacturing vendors and will present their finished designs with key metrics, costs, timelines, and insights in collaboration with their local vendor. After each team presents, there will be a Q&A.

We are working with FIT design, supply chain, and analyst students to collaborate with on-demand apparel manufacturers from the NYC Metro Area to design, produce, and document the unit economics, constraints, and timelines of sourcing, production, and retail or direct to consumer pricing for their designs, which are produced via local vendors...

1) Suuchi - small batch & on-demand / with some customization variables / https://www.suuchi.com

2) Same But Different - digital weaving/knitting / with some customization variables / https://www.wearesamebutdifferent.com

3) Lab141 - on-demand sizing and algorithmic scaling/restructuring of patterns, then sent to a micro-laser cutter / http://www.lab141.com


5:30PM - 5:55PM / Event check-in, plus pizza, waters, & networking
5:55 PM - 6:00 PM / Welcome Remarks from Brian/Lisa

6:00PM - 6:40PM / Team Suuchi (30 min w/10min Q&A)
6:40PM - 7:20PM / Team Same But Different (30 min w/10min Q&A)
7:20PM - 8:00PM / Team Lab141 (30 min w/10min Q&A)

8:00PM - 8:30PM / Networking

8:30PM / We get the boot from the building!


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