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The Next Level Up: Bobby Fishkin and David Hodgson have been chatting, and have discovered that there are only 24 hours in the day. We have therefore come to a fresh hypothesis as how to meet two objectives. The first objective is that an abundance of humanizing dialogue with diverse fascinating social entrepreneurs, visionaries, futurists, revolutionaries, empathetic humanizers, socially responsible business incubators, social intrapreneurs, culture hackers, social innovation diffusion specialists, wicket problem solvers and all around wonderful people is important. The second objective is that fresh air and exercise combined with these conversations are exquisite resources we need in abundance. So we figured that it would an excellent idea, for those of use in the Bay Area, to inaugurate a new tradition of going for hikes regularly

Our hikes are an average of 20-45 people per hike. We have other sites where we gather RSVPs from social networks beyond meetup. This is a community of people who uplift eachother's capacity to imagine better worlds.

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