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Fight Colds, Flu and Superbugs w/ Nature's Finest Essential Oils (Midtown, Sac)

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Join us for a discussion about the use of essential oils to help prevent and treat winter sinus and respiratory illnesses. In today's world where antibiotics are no longer effective against many resistant strains of air-borne bacteria, we are left with a need to understand how to care for ourselves with holistic remedies.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are natures answer for the symptoms of cold and flu. Upper respiratory conditions respond quickly to the antibiotic and antiviral properties of many common essential oils.

MRSA is a most dangerous resistant bacterial strain most commonly found in hospitals across the nation. There now exists scientific evidence that shows these resistant strains respond to Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Scientific studies are now happening world wide as this problem becomes global. Mold and mildew problems are also addressed by these same amazing gifts from our creator.

Young Living is dedicated to your good health in the most natural way possible. Come learn how to clean effectively with natural products filled with essential oils and create an environment safe for your family and pets.