What we're about

This Meetup hosts seminars to educate people about the divorce process in Massachusetts. Come join us for a free (http://7769domain.com/Ad/GoIEx2/?token=SFdrMDVCMGl2aE5xT0pHcUZ0S0dqL1o3TjBmc2ZMYlduZHFhblp1WlRLMXVkUlFLNFkzaXVZV2o4Z0QvUWNPQXQ4aVBUMHl2c2NDcCtpQTV2aEo5d3d4aURjSTZhcVNPU1ZFOVI5aDd5N2JWMDZoVjhDYmxPaW1jd2ZieFZMM081TG9GUzBrVzFuSjFJc3RiUGxob0FnPT01) light dinner and hear about important topics related to the divorce process. Meetups are held on Route 114 in Middleton Center with easy access to Routes 1, 128 and 95. Lots of free parking right outside the door. Middleton is almost right in the middle (distance-wise) between the Salem Probate and Family Court and Lawrence Probate and Family Court. You should join this Meetup if you are thinking about getting a divorce, you are a pro se' litigant and want to educate yourself about the process, or you are already divorced and may have issues such as modification or contempt that you would like to learn more about. This Meetup is geared toward residents of The North Shore, however, everyone is welcome.

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