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Pyramid Mountain National Trails Day Spring Hike on Sun 15th of June at 0945am

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The famous Tripod Rock natural rock formation; one of the many natural rock formations to see along the combined total of 30 miles of main colored blazed trails at Pyramid Mountain; please do take the time to join and participate with us in celebrating National Trails day at Pyramid Mountain on Sat. the 7th of June; not only on this day but every day throughout the rest of the year.

A truly indispensable hiking tool used to hike in relative comfort and to help take some of the unexpected jarrring shocks of hiking; off ones somewhat more vulnerable knees and back as one gets a bit older;

these are absolutely fantastic and as a result one can now descend with much less stress on ones knees and back;

these are the Black Diamond Trail Back Trek Poles; a very nice pair of no frills model multi-season hiking/trekking poles;

I have used many different types of trekking poles and these are by far my favorite; they are literally flawless;

the best part might be the FlickLocks; they are so much faster and easier to use than any alternative out there in hiking poles;

nothing is more frustrating than not being able to get the locking mechanism to catch on a typical twist-lock;

those darn things are so unreliable and slip like crazy at times– my twist lock Swiss Gear old poles would be at least 3 centimeters shorter each time I returned from the hike than they were when I started the hike;

the FlickLocks actually hold in place perfectly, and it literally takes less than 5 seconds to set the length for each pole;

these poles are also very lightweight and are very comfortable and easy to use;

the poles are thin but at the same time surprisingly strong; very strong in fact; I have absolutely no reason to question their durability, and completely trust them to support my weight in just about any situation;

the grips are very comfortable; I have never blistered or had any issues of discomfort with these poles, despite some lengthy hikes; the wrist straps are comfortable as well.

Three section Flip-Lock Black Diamond Trail Back Trek Poles; no frills, gets you out and back at a great value price

Black Diamond Trekking Pole Tip Protectors; adds grip and reduces noise and terrain scarring while on hiking trails; sturdy high quality rubber helps to protect your tungston carbide tipped hiking/treking poles;

there is also a titanium metal reinforcing washer embedded down inside the hole; that fits right around the carbide tip to further help reinforce and protect the tungsten carbide tip also as well;

they give great grip; and holds up to any potential wear and tear in the field while hiking; works wonderfully and I can now descend with much less stress on my knees as well as back; sold in pairs;

A very nice introduction to using hiking/trekking poles pro versus con; when buying hiking/trekking poles equipment and gear; wish I had this information before I purchased my Swiss Gear(from Target) hiking/treking poles for hiking initially(live and learn from ones learned mistakes-hey we can't all be perfect; myself included naturally); the good news, as a direct result the Swiss Gear hiking/treking poles has been relegated to backup hiking/trekking pole duty reserve duty status!

A very nice Youtube introductory video showing the sights to be seen at Pyramid Mountain on a typical excursion day hike outing to learn more about nature and observe the wildlife in and around native to Pyramid Mountain(see pdf trail map of Pyramid Mountain that is fully zoomable below).


The hike description length and time as follows:

The hike description duration time/length is from 945am to 430pm at 7.00 miles to:

945am to 430pm at 7.00 miles to help accommodate the additional inclusion;

of nearly 75% of all the scenic hiking destinations available at Pyramid Mountain;

a noted and overheard comment during a recent Pyramid Mountain hike;

was the desire for it to be a be a bit longer length and to include even more of the amazingly diverse great hiking destinations Pyramid Mountain is known to have;

moreover in order to help celebrate the first ever special edition 2013 NJ/PA/NY Hiking Group's 16K Health and Wellness Fitness Program Challenge Group Hike on the 1st of December on Sun.;

yes the length of the hike will be about 7.00 miles; with ample sufficient time to allow nearly all participants to finish in order to have a safe and fun hiking experience for all;

there will also be numerous ample opportunities to sample/capture the rare beautiful panoramic natural landscape scenery covering the over 1,300 acres thru its variety of rugged trails, rugged fields, expansive forests, numerous rock outcroppings, and extensive wetlands at Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area;

this will provide the prospective hiker with a wide range of hiking geological and ecological experiences; to see and imagine using ones own eyes/mind to interpret/experience first hand for oneself and;

to also hopefully capture the beautiful picture images and/or video of ones memorable visit using ones own high-end digital camera and/or high-end digital camcorder;

in consideration of your fellow NJ/PA/NY Hiking Group member who truly intends to go on this special edition Pyramid Mountain NJ/PA/NY Hiking Group 16K Health and Wellness Fitness Program Challenge Group Hike on the 22nd of December on Sun.; please only RSVP if you can truly make it;

please make sure one brings their high end digital camera/smart phone and/or;

also their high end flash memory digital camcorder to capture all the hiking sightseeing destinations;

on this first ever scheduled NJ/PA/NY Hiking Group 16K Health and Wellness Fitness Program Challenge Group Hike on the 22nd of December on Sunday.;

to be both seen, experienced and captured/archived in all of its truly amazingly diversely splendid beauty for all to see; on the digital photographic archives section of NJ/PA/NY Hiking Group's Photo Album area;

naturally bring all of ones family and friends(even if their are non-hikers as this is a family friendly hike); especially if any of them have an interest in hiking and/or photographic interests at all;

This scheduled NJ/PA/NY Hiking Group 16K Health and Wellness Fitness Program Challenge Group Hike on the 22nd of December on Sun. is excellent preparation; for building ones base level hiking endurance and hiking stamina levels; physical conditioning wise for the upcoming fall hiking season; even at the beginner's hiking level(hey guys we all have to start somewhere);

this scheduled NJ/PA/NY Group 16K Health and Wellness Fitness Program Challenge Group Hike on the 22nd of December on also perfect preparation physical conditioning wise; to also prepare one for and answer the question is one ready to do longer duration and mileage hikes;

this fall hiking season in a fairly safe, conservative, supportive, comfortable and enjoyable manner (from a beginner's hiking perspective and viewpoint naturally of course).


NJ/PA/NY Hiking Group, is a +4,444 hiking member meetup group that lives by one "rule" and "motto"; "let's get together and get outside".

We are a very active hiking group, that with its over +4,444 hike meetup members; that seeks outdoor hiking adventures, excitement and togetherness via group hiking in the great outdoors.

If you live to get actively outside and enjoy the great outdoors like myself, why not only join this hike meetup group as NJ/PA/NY hike meetup member but also lead group hikes yourself as an independent hike meetup group hike facilitator/ leader also like myself;

as I am currently actively looking and recruiting fellow hike meetup members to join me in this very worthy hike community building NJ/PA/NY Hiking Group activity;

only now I am giving you the opportunity "for the first time" in NJ/PA/NY Hiking Group history make it official; so please trust your instincts as I already have and join me in this most important of endeavors in giving back to this NJ/PA/NY Hiking group;

to make it not only stronger and more united as a NJ/PA/NY hiking group but also to make it more able to conduct and implement all those varied and diversely interesting group hikes that our NJ/PA/NY hike meetup members love so much; so dearly!


Please also note this is the perfect hike for friends/family members as well as co-workers also as well; we openly encourage all beginner level hikers to attend with their friends and family members of all hiking ability levels so that they can all mutually share in the interesting experiences of hiking in the "great outdoors";

while also getting in a very popular form of recreational/physical conditioning exercise; while also at the same time taking in the great beauty of the "great outdoors";

I personally "promise" we go at a "very do-able hiking pace" so even the beginner hiker can take in the sights and even take a few pictures with their digital camera/ cell phone;

to be able to upload/share to the hike meetup group photo album as well as take home more than a few beautiful souvenir hiking photo opportunity shots of the "great outdoors" while hiking.

As yet another added exclusive "beginner hiker" benefit and bonus; I will also be conducting a real time "trail head" demonstration on hiking foot blister care and prevention(the bane of the sport of hiking naturally being blisters and their proper care);

so please bring your "friends/family" and/or even "co-workers"(up to five guests per hike meetup member) who may/may not have at "one time or another" been into hiking but had some "common/uncommon" foot "blister care" problems and/or issues.

for those intrepid hikers willing to "learn/participate" they will be treated to a "complimentary" but "completely free" foot powder treatment to help prevent blisters "in the field" during a "real time hike";

yet another NJ/ PA/ NY Group Training Hike exclusive!

Not to worry guys, I will share with you my very own personal foot powder "secret recipe" at trail-side/ trail head break at the end of demonstration for those interested;

derived from background research on hiking forums/blogs as well as;

information in the groundbreaking excellent and very popular solid classic primer book on knowledgeable definitive proper foot-care techniques of athletes; titled: Fixing Your Feet, Injury Prevention and Treatments for Athletes by John Vonhof.


Recently several hike meetup members thanked me for leading yet another great successful hike along with a good accompanying personal question about leading group hikes(and how I got into doing that and what one might get out of that experience);

that popped up in conversation that deserves a good and more insightful post hike analysis; since I am also personally also looking for others to personally lead more scheduled hike meetup group hikes like myself.

How many times in our lives have we put off personally hiking because we felt we are not quite yet ready for hiking, we felt we needed more time to physically prepare our bodies for hiking, we didn't feel quite comfortable enough hiking in the "great outdoors yet",

well truth be told here's an inside secret: that is a fairly common experience not feeling "ready" for hiking an unknown hiking trail/route that I can readily identify with; as I have been there, felt and experienced that feeling many times before.

There will always be the feeling that one could have done more to train for hiking, something I needed more time to physically prepare for hiking, or one wishing they could delay the start until a hiking day came along when I felt stronger or more capable to hike.

Truth be told, I would most likely never have approached leading group hikes or undertaken those personal "risks" to journey forth getting involved in personally leading group hikes an;

helping others get into group hiking; helping other hikers more fully realize one can more fully enjoy hiking themselves by not only hiking physically, but also socially networking with other hikers and sharing those interesting mutual hiking experiences; now if there wasn't a specific regularly scheduled group hike date on the calendar all of this would not possible!

But I am ever so glad personally that I did. I wouldn't give back all those memorable group hiking moments, enjoyable group hiking memories, and insightful group hiking experiences for anything on earth.

Because it is in those moments of experiencing risk, where we are forced to rise to an upcoming physical/social challenge, that we add another brick to the foundation of our personal character, another brick to the foundation of our personal confidence and another brick to the foundation of our personal strength.

So how do we stop "wishing" we had more hiking confidence while inspiring ourselves to ditch the somewhat "vanilla life" for a bigger, more satisfying scoop of doable "day adventure hiking"?

My personal advice/experience is "to do it anyway"; simply because how you personally feel is far less important than what you personally actually do. Feeling somewhat scared, nervous and uncomfortable when you're hiking is just a given known variable. It's the given known "normal price" of admission for a potentially great hike!

The only difference between you and someone who is living their "wish/dream" of hiking is that he/she felt the fear and 'did it anyway(interesting observation/viewpoint);

For example, whenever I speak at times on occasion to my next door neighbor about encouraging him and his wife to get more into hiking "in the great outdoors", he says he's more than a little bit uncertain about hiking, my personal response has always been the same variation of "yeah... what?”

Bottom line, fear "of the unknown" will always be there when we face some risks(real vs. imagined). In fact, I've come to personally embrace "fear" as the vigilant guardian and "trusted friend" that gives me a "heads up" to be at my personal best. But we just can't let our personal emotions affect our potentially great future personal hiking experiences; can we now, in light of this newly enhanced different point of view/observation!

I am looking for more than a few capable, talented, smart, driven adventurous hiking minded "souls" who perhaps "let fear whisper" in their ears but "let courage rule their hearts" instead, yep; hopefully that is you!

So whether you are thinking about going on an upcoming scheduled future group hike personally with me or someone else leading a group hike, or in fact are interested in leading an upcoming scheduled personal hike meetup group hike like myself,

please do not hesitate to join in hiking in one of our upcoming scheduled group hikes, please do not hesitate to help out by leading one of your very own personal upcoming scheduled hike meetup group hike as I have, and please do not hesitate to participate more fully in contributing to the shared mutual group hiking experiences with this great hiking community of hiking meetup members called the NJ/PA/NY Hike Meetup Group!


The Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area is the next scheduled upcoming series of training hikes that I will be conducting,

with over 30 miles of combined extensive marked network of trails to pick from it is sure to offer a varied combination of hiking terrains as well as accompanying spectacular views to satisfy even the most picky of hikers;

that is designed to deliver a rigorous workout to the hiker looking to get back into hiking for the upcoming fall hiking seasons;

also please note these hikes are designed to be both friends/family friendly;

so don't hesitate to bring out ones friends, family, co-worker, next door neighbors, acquaintenances;

My aim as always get as many potential hike meetup members hiking,

enjoying the great outdoors and

enjoying that feeling of immense satisfaction and fulfillment that comes with the completion of a challenging potential hiking adventure!

I think you will agree once you have attended one of our free group hikes;

that our particular hike meetup group characteristic is more inclusionary and rather than exclusionary in nature;

it also doesn't hurt that our hikes are completely free of cost;

compare that with Harriman Hikers which typically charges $8.00 per hiker per hike;

for a family of four that would be $32.00; now that is a real family bargain and value indeed!

Just ask any of the Pyramid Mountain locals in the area it is one of the most popular hiking destination in New Jersey;

The directions to Pyramid Mountain are fairly easy to get to the main parking lot;

take 287 to exit 44; drive west to center of boonton;

turn right onto route 511 North and go a few miles;

the parking lot will be on your left;

make sure to leave with plenty of time to spare as this hike destination is particularly far away from those from eastern parts of New Jersey and New York;

for those worried about getting a really good workout I can personally assure you will be getting a really good workout due to the hilly terrain;

in order to better help some of those beginner less experienced hikers in the hike group with setting a more sustainable/workable, efficient/productive, enjoyable/safe, and comfortable rhythmic hiking stride/gait cadence; if needed;

I will also be using/utilizing a heart rate monitor to help monitor hike pacing with a top end limit calibrated for 184bpm, so any potential faster/slower hikers can use me as a relative baseline benchmark reference pacer/pacing tool; if needed;

I will also be using/utilizing a real time foot pod distance and speed measurement pacing tool also as well to further help reference, measure and evaluate hike pacing in the field "day of hike" also as well, so any potential faster/slower hikers can use me as a relative baseline reference pacer/pacing tool; if needed.

Now hopefully, I can also help to inspire/motivate other hikers to not only hike more frequently but; also at the same time get other interested hikers to hike also more efficiently/productively;

with the ultimate end goal objective to help interested less experienced hikers to get into better shape physical conditioning wise; to be better hikers who ultimately find hiking both easier and more enjoyable over time; with the accompanying goal of doing it in a shorter amount of time.

No hike team leader or hiking group currently in New Jersey;

provides these truely extraordinary potentially helpful additional above average hike support services for any potentially less experienced hikers(if needed); other than myself of course!

If you are a less experienced hiker; you can rest assured that this will be the most enjoyable and comfortable hike that you have been on so far to date;

primarily because I am dedicated to assisting the less experienced hiker in acheiving success in hiking.

Yes guys, this is one of the few hiking interest groups, that is "specifically" geared towards getting even the beginner hiker;

physically conditioned and into good enough shape; to be able to do more challenging hikes; one would like doing in the future; as well as being able to do intermediate hikes also as well;

via the South Mountain Reservation Training Hike Series(Phase I);

via the Watchung Reservation Training Hike Series(Phase II);

via the Pyramid Mountain Training Hike Series(Phase III);

via the Patriot's Path Training Hike Series(Phase IV);

so whether your physically training via hiking or getting physically "back into shape" for more extensive hiking; at a more enhanced level of hiking; please do not hesitate to join us in one of our regularly scheduled hikes!

What is news is NJ/ PA/ NY Hiking Group continues its rapid growth at a record-breaking pace of about 1,500 additional new hike meetup member annually;

I pirmarily attribute this to the general population becoming both more aware and attentive to their health and wellness being through proper regular exercise and physical conditioning;

now it just so happens hiking is one of the few outdoor all season/all weather sports that one can engage in year round while also enjoying the great outdoors and nature; all while working out at the same time!

It also doesn't hurt at all; that the hikes that I personally conduct and lead are all cost free to boot!

As one can readily see, the interest in hiking is booming and yes one can personally be a part of hiking in the great outdoors also as well;

along with other like minded outdoors hiking interested individuals like myself!

The icing on the cake and the big dividend bonus payout is your body is the only thing that truly belongs to you,

so one might as well work on getting and keeping that body in tip top shape all while enjoying oneself hiking in the great outdoors!

No need to worry guys, as I will be running this Pyramid Training Hike series of hikes for quite some time to not only satisfy the truly extraordinary overwhelming hike demand and popularity of this very popular in demand classic hike but,

also to get more hikers participating, properly physically trained/conditioned and actively hiking to enjoy the great outdoors;

now a successive hiking section of this Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area will also been opened in conjunction on a continuous basis to handle and to help address any potential extra overflow issues; despite the large size of this hike meetup group!

Now with all the below information being said; let's get outside, get hiking and enjoy the great outdoors; after all what really counts at the "end of the day";

is the sense of having a "potential hiking adventure"; fulfilled for every one of you 3,955 hike meetup guys; who are now in this hike meetup group; that matters ultimately the most to me!

0915am Main Pyramid Mountain Parking Lot

7.00 mile round trip out and back;

less hilly/challenging

40.947220, -74.387321

please be on time;

--------------------optional foot care section--------------------

Causes of blisters

Blisters are primarily caused by shearing force, which is where force is applied to the skin across its surface.

Blisters can also be formed due to trauma, such as stubbing your foot.

Exacerbating factors – Heat & Moisture

Neither heat nor moisture will cause blisters, but they will make them more likely as they both tend to weaken the structure of the skin.

If the skin is wet (hiking boots/shoes leaking) for long enough it will macerate, which sometimes called 'prune skin'.

Macerated skin tends to wrinkle up, become white, quite soft and is far more likely to blister.

Preventing blisters

There are several key steps to preventing blisters.

Shoe Fit

A badly fitting shoe can cause blisters.

When buying shoes, try them on when your feet are warm, preferably at the end of the day, and with the socks you will hike in.

You should generally choose your socks, and then buy your shoes to fit with those socks.

Some socks are available in a variety of thicknesses, so you can tweak the fit with different socks.

Loose Shoes

Your foot will slide around in a loose shoe and the pressure will tend to be in small areas, focusing the friction and shearing forces in hot spots; this will also result in wearing out the hiking shoes lining.

One test of shoe fit is to put your shoes on, but leave the laces completely loose and see if you can walk around without your heel coming out.

A good fit will have the shoe fitting gently against your foot, but without any area of higher pressure or pinching.

Changes in foot size

Remember that losing or gaining body fat can change the size of your feet.

Shoes that used to fit you perfectly may not longer fit the same.

A more acute problem occurs on longer hikes when the feet swell up.

Having spare shoes that are slightly larger, or thinner socks for later in a hike can help with this problem.

Of course, getting the fit right is hard, as you can't practice this until your feet are swollen, and different situations may produce differing levels of swelling.

Inflexible Shoes

An inflexible shoe will tend to pull away from your heal when you’re hiking, causing potential problems at the back of your heel.

A good hiking shoe should be somewhat flexible and allow you to hike with a somewhat natural form(unless its a mountain hiking boot).

Arch Support

The arch is a naturally strong structure, but arches are damaged by forces pushing up under their middles.

This is particularly true of the arches of your feet; they are strongest when there is nothing pushing up under the arch.

However, if you've worn shoes that push up under the arch for some time, this will weaken the arch.

This is similar to having a limb in a cast; the cast supports the limb, but the limb weakens quickly.

Therefore when you try to move to a shoe without arch support, it can be like taking a cast off a limb.

Your foot will take time to strengthen and recover from using arch support.

The other downside to arch support is the pressure can easily cause blisters.

This is especially true of orthotics.

Toe Box

Ideally, the toe box of your shoes should be big enough that your toes can’t touch the sides or top of the shoe.

Shoe quality

A bad seam or excess glue can cause a sharp edge that could tear up your skin.

A shoe can fit correctly, but cause blisters due to manufacturing problems such as a bad seam.

A shoe that bends in the wrong place can have a crease that causes a blister as well.

Also, check that your insoles do not slip.

Some double sided sticky tape between the shoe and the insole can prevent this.


Even the best socks will not prevent blisters if you have bad shoes.

However, a bad sock will cause blisters on its own; it’s vital to avoid cotton socks, or cheap socks not made for hiking.

If you are on a tight budget, try to get a sock with seamless construction and good wicking (moisture transport) properties such as Coolmax.

The unholy trinity of blisters!

Three factors work together to cause blisters;

heat, moisture and friction.

Socks don't do much to reduce heat, but they do reduce friction and moisture.

Sock Material

Don't use cotton socks - cotton is one of the worst materials that you can choose for socks; especially for hiking.

Use Cool Max fiber based socks, which is a synthetic fiber that uses capillary action to spread out sweat so it evaporates better and thus works much better.

There are many other synthetic materials on the market that also work well.

Some people get on well with wool; I use wool socks for hiking in cool weather.

If you choose wool, get high quality merino Wool, such as 'Smart Wool'.

I've tried Bamboo socks; they feel nicer than Cool Max when dry, but hold more water and dry more slowly.

Some socks even include silver as an antibacterial material, which helps reduce odor.

This is great in socks where you can't wash them for days at a time (long backpacking trips).

If you have a problem with shoe odor, then silver based socks may help.


Modern sock construction techniques allow for seamless, or near seamless construction, which is useful, as seams often cause blisters.


If one is wearing light weight hiking shoes for a short distance hike, then go for light weight hiking socks.

It's worth remembering however that's the most important issue with blisters is having shoes that fit correctly.

Slightly different thicknesses of socks can allow you to tweak the fit of the shoe.


If one ever has a problem with blisters on your toes, try Injini socks.

They have individual sections for each toe, rather like a glove for your feet instead of a mitten.

They take a little getting used to as your toes are not used to being separated; within two to three hours its like second nature.

Having adapted to Injinji, I really like them as they work well and are comfortable.

They make both a normal thickness sock and a much thinner liner sock also as well.

As noted above, the liner sock is thin enough to allow them to be worn with other socks as well.

The Injini socks are well-made using a seamless construction and technical material.

The added toe protection gives them an advantage over the standard 'vanilla' technical Socks.

Double layer socks

The idea of double layer socks is that the extra layer of material reduces friction.

The inner layer rubs on the outer layer, rather than rub on the skin of the foot.

One of these very popular socks, is the Wigwam Rebel Fusion built-in dual layer socks are very popular with hikers and athletes in general.

Overall, these double layer socks have a distinct advantage over the standard 'vanilla' technical Socks.

’Vanilla’ Technical Socks

I have tried many different types of technical Socks, including Thorlo CoolMax, Asics Kayano, Feetures Light, Feetures Original, Smartwool, Icebreaker, and many others in the search for the perfect sock.

The socks are very in some of the features they provide but function fairly similarly.

Any sock that is made with a good technical material (and I include Merino wool), but fits well and is seamless should work under most conditions for most people.

Waterproof Socks

Waterproof socks, such as Sealskins are a great choice for hiking in extra wet conditions.

They are waterproof and claim to be breathable, so they should keep your feet dry; if one uses waterproof gaitors on ones hiking shoes to prevent water from coming in over to of hiking shoes.

The fit of the socks tends to be not as flexible like a regular fabric sock though but other than that works as advertised.

Cotton Socks

Cotton socks are great for keeping your feet warm while you sit by the fire, but a terrible for hiking.


Dehydration can be a contributor to blisters, as the skin loses some of its tension skin turgor with significant dehydration.


Calluses are a sign of poor fitting shoes.

A callus is a spot that is likely to turn into a blister with longer distances.

One can file down a callus and keep it moisturized, but that is a symptomatic approach.

The key is to fix the underlying problem, which is normally the fit of your shoes.

Note that a callus is a spot that is thickening; the general thickening of the skin due to being barefoot does not tend to cause this problem.

The key is to watch out for small areas or spots that have excessively thick skin.

Extra Measures

I consider the following extra techniques

Types of Lubricants

Here is a partial list of some of the options

Hydropel helps prevent the skin absorbing moisture and is particularly useful in wet conditions. It does lubricate slightly, but its water repelling powers are its prime attraction.

SportsShield is similar to Hydropel, both being based on a silicone lubricant (dimethicone). SportsShield is available as a roll on and towelette, whereas Hydropel is dispensed from a toothpaste like tube. SportsShield goes on much easier than Hydropel and results in less friction, but less water repelling as well.


Like lubricants, powders can reduce the friction between your feet and your socks.

Types of Powders

Here is a partial list of some of the options

Asics Chafe Free Powder is an anti-friction powder made with Aceba, a dry lubricant;

Blister Shield powder made by TwoToms helps prevent hot spots, blisters, and calluses. Containing micronized wax and cornstarch the very slick powder reduces friction and heat buildup. Blistershield repels water by allowing sweat vapor to pass through it and thus keep moisture off ones skin. To use the powder, just shake one teaspoon in each sock, distributing it evenly without bunching all of it at your toes. Add some extra in the heel after one puts on ones socks;

Bromi-Talc is made by Gordon Laboratories as a triple-action foot powder containing potassium alum, an astringent that retards perspiration, and bentonite, an absorption agent that absorbs 18 times its weight in moisture. Bromi-Talc is available by special order through your local drugstore, pharmacy, or podiatrist.

Gold Bond is a medicated body powder that contains active ingredient zinc oxide as a skin protector and menthol to cool and relieve itching. Gold Bond can be found in local stores.

Odor-Eaters Foot Powder is 25 times more absorbent than talc and also destroys foot odor. It can be found in most drugstores and pharmacies.

Zeasorb powder is a super absorbant powder that absorbs six times its weight in water, and four times more than plain talcum powder. Zeasorb contains talc, a highly absorbant polymer-carbohydrate acrylic copolymer, and microporus cellulose; provides necessary softness and lubrication to reduce potential friction and heat buildup.


Taping can reduce the friction between your sock and your feet; to help prevent blister formation.

Unlike powders, taping can help absorb some of the shearing force, though this depends on the particular tape used.

Preventing Reoccurring Blisters

This section is intended to provide specific guidance for blisters in specific places on your feet.

Blisters between toes

Suggested fixes (in order of preference)

Buy shoes with a wider toe box so that your toes are not pushed together.

Wear Injinji socks.

Use a small amount of lubricant between your toes.

Tape the toes to prevent them rubbing together.

Note that if you get a blister where your toes join together, it is possible to tape this area, but it’s tricky.

Cut a strip of tape, and then cut the sides so the tape has an hourglass shape.

The narrow strip goes between the toes, with the wider section attaching to the top and bottom of your foot.

An adhesive promoter is highly recommended on the wider sections of the tape!

Blisters on the tips of the toes

Suggested fixes (in order of preference)

Check your shoes are tied correctly and that the pressure on your feet to slide forward is taken by the area under the laces rather than allowing your feet to slide forward and your toes to hit the end.

Check your shoes are not creasing at the toe box and pressing against the tips of your toes.

Buy shoes with a longer toe box so that your toes do not reach the end.

Wear Injinji socks

Tape the ends of your toes. If you are not also wearing Injinji socks, it is best to tape all of your toes so that tape does not rub on the next toe.

Blisters under toe nails

Suggested fixes (in order of preference)

Trim your toes nails so they are short. I’m told that a pedicure before a big race is a good idea.

File down the edge of your toe nails so that the edge is rounded rather than flat.

Check your shoes are tied correctly and that on downhill sections any pressure on your feet to slide forward it taken by the area under the laces rather than allowing your feet to slide forward and your toes to hit the end.

Buy shoes with a longer toe box so that your toes do not reach the end.

Wear Injinji socks.

Tape your toes over the nails. If you are not also wearing Injinji socks, it is best to tape all of your toes so that tape does not rub on the next toe.

Blisters under the arch

Suggested fixes (in order of preference)

Don’t have shoes with arch support!

Blisters on the sides of the forefoot

Suggested fixes (in order of preference)

Check your shoes are the right size; a loose shoe can rub on the sides of your feet.

Check your shoes are tied correctly and that on downhill sections any pressure on your feet to slide forward it taken by the area under the laces rather than allowing your feet to slide forward and cause the sides of the forefoot to rub.

Watch where you’re placing your feet on trails. If you land with the edge of your foot on a rock, your foot can twist in your shoe, putting a huge shearing force on the skin at the sides of your feet.

Blisters on the back or sides of the heel

Suggested fixes (in order of preference)

Check your shoes are the right size; a loose shoe can rub on the back of your heel.

Get socks that are long enough to prevent the top of the shoe rubbing on the skin. The short, 'no see' style socks can cause problems.

Make sure your shoes are not inflexible. As your foot bends when you run, an inflexible shoe will try to slide down your heel, causing blisters.

--------------optional compass section-------------------------

Guide on How To Use A Compass and Map as A Navigational Tool/Aid and How To Practice Map/Compass Navigation Guide

Download Pyramid Mountain Adobe Acrobat Trail Map Guide; link below:

Extend Vertical and Horizontal Axis Map Grid Lines Referenced of Map Compass Legend Symbol

Get A Engineer's Compass(also referred to as Lensatic style Compass)

couple good reason's for this namely:

its a classic, trusted, made of durable anodized black powder coated aluminum and will basically last a lifetime and is highly scratch resistant

it has a uniquely form and functional sighting-slit unit/top cover

its a liquid filled compass with two degree accuracy increment markings

luminous engineer lensatic compass reference points on rotating bezel

its a good value at $21.21 on and will last because of its ruggedized design last a lifetime(not many things last a lifetime)!

Link is below:

zoomable picture link:

Align slit in "slot cover" opening with desired "direction of travel" on map; that has already been prepared as directed above.

Dial in and align the luminous reference marker to the map alignment grid line orientation for the northern map axis lines drawn previously on the map(as directed above).

Close up map and put away.

Pick up compass with slot cover open and rotate oneself with level compass held in hand until "North marking" in liquid compass rotates till it aligns with the luminous reference marker(from above); when this happens this means that the compass is now aligned to the same map axis coordinate lines.

All one has to do is look thru the slot cover and that is now the "direction of travel".

One can now also sight thru the "pop-up" magnifying glass sight window onto the liquid filled floating compass incremental reference markers on the dial to determine the precise accurate compass degrees and headings.

Good News guys, check out in the main body of the hike description(just above this paragraph), a new hiking highlights feature about hiking "Guide on How To Use A Compass and Map as A Navigational Tool/Aid and How To Practice Map/Compass Navigation Guide" is now available to utilize "complete with instructions" to utilize and "practice while hiking"!

all in order to "better help deal" with some of the more "common" map/compass navigation "problems/issues" in the field;

hikers will also be treated to an optional "complimentary" but"completely free" "map/compass navigation lesson" to "better help/prepare" for potential map/compass use "in the field" during a "real time hike"; to make it even more interesting!

an example of simplified, quick and easy map/compass navigation:

Simple Outline Using Map/Compass

Point/ Dial/ Turn/ Sight (P/D/T/S)

Point - slot cover of map compass in direction of travel on map

Dial- reference marker dial on the rotating bezel of map compass lines up with the north/south axis lines on map

Turn- place map compass "flat/ level" in hand and rotate oneself till the dialed-in pre-set reference marker on map compass lines up with "north pole" marking

Sight - sight thru the slot cover of map compass; this is the direction of desired travel now


Now guys, the beginner's hike distance itself; is about 7 miles rounded up and the hike is also a beginner's hike that starts at 1000am and goes to 430pm without exception; as the hike itself is at a 1.5mph hike pacing with adequate time included for snack breaks, water breaks, lunch break, time spent taking pictures, going to bathroom break, on an as needed basis;

now guys if one cannot attend the hike until 430pm; please do not RSVP for this hike unless you know for certain that you can attend the hike till until its clearly described stated 430pm end completion time; every hike has stated beginning stated start as well end time; all the way at the top;

guys it is simply unfair to those hikers who have truly already stated their RSVP intentions; to hike as stated from 1000am to 430pm for the full scheduled 6.5 hours; that is patently unfair and "NOT OK" to be using up a precious RSVP slot; when it could be be utilized as originally intended as specified by someone; actually able to attend for the full duration of scheduled hike from 1000am to 430pm;

please UN-RSVP oneself if that is a potential problem and/or concern; until one knows for certain that one can in fact make it for the full scheduled duration of hike; from 1000am to 430pm for sure; as that is what you you are signing up for "as stated-in hike start and hike end time"; naturally no more or no less time;

guys from now on at the beginning of every hike; I will also announce and also inquire of all potential participating hikers attending; that everyone is to attend the hike from 1000am to 430pm without exception-"by the actual physical raising of hands";

now guys those who cannot do so; will naturally not be allowed to participate any further in the scheduled group hike activity with the rest of the group; by the now amended terms and condtions of the RSVP agreement; which one agrees to automatically upon RSVP'ing oneself.

Bottom line guys; it is "NOT OK" to ask if you can attend the hike in a partial capacity only; it will not be permitted under any circumstance for the "FAIRNESS" reasons stated already above very clearly; which will be strictly adhered to and enforced as outlined above.


Now guys, the navigation directions are very clear and explicit if one uses the below supplied provided links and information;

the key thing here is to review the provided information; at least a day beforehand naturally before one heads out the door(recommended);

and definitely not while one is in ones car driving towards pyramid mountain on the day of the scheduled hike(not recommended);

NOTE: Please be aware that address numbers on Boonton Avenue do not follow in sequence; one has to review and follow directions instead from a known baseline mapping reference point;(see below recommended)

Mars Court(nearest cross street) at the intersection of Boonton Avenue(see below) is a known and singularly unique mapping grid coordinate mapping reference point(recommended reading proof paragraph below);

there is only one unique map location point in all of Boonton NJ with the unique assigned zip code of 07005; having a uniquely common map intersecting point with Mars Court meeting that also intersects with Boonton Ave. in the assigned zip code 07005 area (18.82 sq. miles land area);

Boonton Ave at the intersection of Mars Court(singularly unique mapping grid coordinate mapping reference point)

Boonton, NJ 07005

(973) 334-3130

Googlemaps Navigation Map Link:

If one still insists on using ones GPS navigation device(not recommended) over using a much easier preferred Android Smartphone for GPS Navigation purposes;

please understand that beyond the information provided here in writing; you are on your own; since you have chosen not to use the primary stated preferred method of map navigation(Android Smartphone for GPS Navigation purposes)

please naturally contact 973.334.3130 if you truly have any further questions pertaining to concerns and/or inquiries regarding navigation to Pyramid Mountain of course;

enter in the following below provided information parameters as applies to ones GPS(naturally I don't use GPS navigation device anymore; since they are to inefficient and are at times inexplicably way to inaccurate and to imprecise);

Enter in Zip Code 07005; enter in town Boonton; enter in Mars Court(nearest cross street), enter in Boonton Avenue(primary street);

on googlemaps; this is what I type into the search parameter input box;

"Mars court, Boonton avenue, Boonton, NJ 07005"

this is what I see on the googlemaps screen after hitting return:

One can clearly see the Pyramid Mountain Visitor's Center on the map after clinking on the provided link above;


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