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This group is for people who would rather entertain in their own home than go out to a restaurant. If you don't have the room for entertaining, then that's ok but you **MUST** be willing to organize the occasional outing to a restaurant, park, winery, or something similar in order to spread the work of hosting around. If you aren't interested in hosting and/or aren't interested in at least trying your hand at cooking (picking up a quart of potato salad on the way to an event is not really in the spirit of the group) then this Meetup isn't for you. Our primary drink of choice is wine and we like to try out new ones all the time. While not "wine snobs" we like to share something besides the Walmart special at our dinners so we have a standard of $10 on a bottle of wine you plan to share at one of our events.

The idea is for someone to host a get together (dinner party, brunch, wine tasting, barbecue, whatever) and determine a "theme". The host(ess) provides the main dish and the others bring theme-oriented side dishes, appetizers, libations, desserts. The host(ess) selects the date and time and size of the group (as small or as large as you are comfortable with). This is meant to be fun, not a cooking contest, but everyone should feel free to "stretch" their cooking abilities. It doesn't have to be fancy - the theme can be "sit on the floor and eat ribs," or it can be formal with china and crystal, that's the fun of it. We sometimes gather at a winery or at a special restaurant but that is the exception rather than the rule.

PLEASE NOTE: The group has a requirement that every member be completely forthcoming about their identity, therefore we require that a photo of yourself be posted on your profile (and I must see it when I receive your request to join), and that you provide your full name, address, phone, and email address to me upon being accepted into the group. That information will be kept private in my own files. We are entertaining in our homes and everyone needs to feel safe so anyone who registers for the group but never attends an event, or who consistently doesn't show up for an event they have RSVP'd for will be removed. You don't have to come to every get together but we need to know that you really exist and that you are truly interested in being a part of the group. There is a $5 per year per person membership fee payable once you have been admitted.

We are a fun group of people, singles and couples. We have some incredible cooks, everyone has a great time, and there is never a shortage of food. Wine is usually the drink of choice but we have some non-drinkers, and a few who always show up with the latest beer margarita or pomegranate watermelon rum punch recipe. It's fun!!

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: This is an adults only group. While we all love children, please know that they should be left at home during our events.


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