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This group is open to anyone who wants to heal using the vibration of sound. It is not about being able to sing. If you can speak, then you have the tools to sing the Note from Heaven. As a group, we will all be singing one note, and because it’s just one note, the left hemisphere of the brain can quieten because it has nothing to do.
The technique of singing the Note from Heaven, enables the pineal gland to be activated and before you know it, the note is singing you, rather than you singing the note.
The huge benefit of singing in a group, is that it requires deep listening to what is emerging and sounds can be created through the resonance and dissonance of each person’s sound as a collective. Overtones are a very common feature of the Note from Heaven and they occur spontaneously. Many describe the experience as angelic or profoundly spiritual. The space is held, which provides safety and non judgement for your body to let go of emotions, conditioning and limiting beliefs.
Once the singing is over, we stay with our eyes closed and revel in the profound silence that remains. This is where we touch and experience who we truly are, the ‘I am’. Many people, who normally struggle to meditate, find it happens organically in this setting.

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The Note From Heaven: Sound Healing and Meditation

The Rathmines Collective

There will be chairs provided. You may want to bring a blanket for the meditation. If you rather sit on the floor, bring your own cushion/mat. Also bring water so that you can keep hydrated. The format will include a brief introduction on how to sing the Note, then exercises to help you warm up the face muscles and tongue and most importantly exercises to ensure you are breathing properly. We will then sing the note from heaven and finish with a silent meditation.

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