Psychedelic Professionals Meet: Bicycle Day Celebration

Psychedelic Professionals Meet, Hosted by The Nowak Society
Psychedelic Professionals Meet, Hosted by The Nowak Society
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Psychedelic Storytelling: Celebrating the Weird, Wild, & Wonderful of LSD

A special psychedelic holiday to celebrate the mighty molecule that lights us up and lifts our spirits. Let’s entertain the tales from LSD trips that impacted us most, from profound healing, to silly, absurd, scary, fun, and everything in between. Tune in, turn on, and take a trip with us! Co-hosted by Mike Brancatelli of the Mikeadelic podcast.

We are excited to announce that we are merging our gathering with an immersive online Bicycle Night community experience hosted by MAPS.

To join us, you will need to REGISTER SOON, as tickets are almost gone:

Limited to 3,000 ticket holders, donation-based.

As you take a virtual bicycle ride through this online world the MAPS team has created, look for our "room" called:

Psychedelic Story-telling: Celebrating the Weird, Wild, and Wonderful of LSD. We'll be there starting at 6pm Mountain.

And check out the dozens of other immersive experiences that our global community has on offer throughout the evening!