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Kids Hip Hop Dance - All Levels!!!

International Dance Studio

Hip Hop is an upbeat, high-energy style featuring rhythmic combinations with a focus on body isolations and a contrast between smooth and sharp movements. This class incorporates the latest hip hop dance moves, and gets the whole group working together.

6 - 7pm For Young Dancers 6 - 11 years old

$35 Registration fee

$45 Monthly fee

International Dance Studio3001 NW 73rd Street, Oklahoma City, Ok 73116 [masked] www.idancestudio.com . [masked]

Kizomba Classes - 8 Weeks Progressive - Level 1

International Dance Studio

We would like to inform that our Kizomba dance classes are now open as private dance lessons - one and one. Sorry for any inconvenience but we don't have the group dance lessons for this dance style anymore.

If you would like to schedule and start with your private dance lessons, we have 2 great packages:

1. For $75, you could take 3 - 30 minutes lessons.
2. For $150, 3 - 3 hours dance lessons.
Either package is good for one or two people. No dance partner necessary.

Our schedule is Mondays - Saturdays, 10am - 9pm. Please let us know what day and time is good for you, and we can easily work it out.

Involve yourself into a new experience of Kizomba dancing and have fun!

We also would like to invite you to come to our dance socials on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month, where we open a dance floor for Kizomba, from 9pm to 1:30am, $10.

Looking forward to see you on the dance floor.

International Dance Studio
3001 NW 73rd St. Okc, Ok 73116 [masked]
[masked] www.idancestudio.com

In a nutshell, the fundamentals of Kizomba (the dance) came from Semba, a traditional dance from Angola, Africa.

Kizomba is not a Latin dance and does not come from Salsa, Bachata, Merengue or Tango, as some uninformed people say. Kizomba is a family-social-friendly oriented Angolan dance that unfortunately has been distorted as a sexy and hot dance for commercial purpose.

Kizomba is primarily danced to Kizomba music but it can also be danced to many types of music, such as Zouk, Ghetto Zouk, Konpa and others, as well as remixes (what most people wrongly associate as being Kizomba). We believe in the importance of being EDUCATED and understand what we learn, listen and dance. Many people do not explain that or have the knowledge to do so, we do.

You will learn proper techniques (developed by the most respected and recognized instructors in the world) and how to apply them from highly internationally trained instructors and the pioneers of Kizomba and Semba in Oklahoma. The highlight and uniqueness of this course is not only learning the dance, but also learning about history and culture of the dance and music so you can distinguish Kizomba from Semba from Zouk, Ghetto Zouk, Tarraxa and other genres of music and types dances that are very commonly confused with Kizomba.

International Dance Studio

Kids Ballroom & Salsa Dancing!

International Dance Studio

International Dance Studio teaches social and fun Standard Ballroom and Latin dancing in an easy way to learn. Your children will find many benefits and many enhancements to life learning to ballroom dance. They will find an enhanced appreciation of music and its rhythms, as well as experience an increased sense of balance and a more fluid movement in walking and running.

Wear comfortable clothes and dance shoes, girls could wear character dance shoes and boys ballroom dance shoes or jazz shoes.

Mondays & Wednesdays 4-5pm. Chose one day.
$35 Registration fee

$55 Monthly fee

International Dance Studio

3001 NW 73rd Street, Okc, Ok 73116 [masked]
www.idancestudio.com (http://www.idancestudio.com/)

Line Dancing Group Lessons

International Dance Studio

Masks are required. Join us Wednesday nights for Boot Scootin' fun with Instructor Eileen Hetherington. Learn C&W and popular dances like Fireball, Good Time, Reggae Cowboy, Chattahoochee, Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide,, Uptown Funk, Neon Moon, Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy, and dozens more.

$8 per class or $30 monthly fee.

No Dance Partner Needed. All Levels!!! Newcomers are Welcome!

For private dance lessons, right now, we have a great package for $65, you could have 3 - 30 minutes lessons, and if you prefer hour lessons for $150, you can have 3 - 3 hours lessons. Just let us know which day and time, and we'll make it work.

• What to wear? Comfortable clothes, boots or shoes. Please wear a mask.

International Dance Studio
3001 NW 73rd Street, Okc, Ok 73116 [masked]
[masked] www.idancestudio.com

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Bachata Dance Lessons in Oklahoma - All Levels!!!

International Dance Studio

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