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AUM-The sound of light.

The Stone cut out of the mountain without hands. -One never changes reality by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a model that makes the existing model obselete. -Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, Love is knowing I am everything and between the two worlds I move. -Spiritual knowledge without spiritual practice is worthless. Spiritual practice without spiritual knowledge is worthless. Both are required to swing on the spiral of our divinity and still be a human.

Purpose, Passion and Vision of the Omnist Movement; 1. Simplify, balance, unite and harmonize spiritual truths from all four corners of the Earth. 2. Simplify, harmonize, unite and balance spiritual practices from all four corners of the Earth. 3. Create opportunity, jobs and a more untited, stronger and more awakened community of empathic souls to catalyze, inspire, provide and support opportunities to apply and share spiritual truth, light and wisdom with others along the path for those seeking to merge spiritual path with career. 3,6 and 9 programs, courses and support available.

Omnism- The respect and recognition of all religions. An Omnist is simply a truth seeker and truth bearer that accepts and values all organizations and people of all walks of life. Omnist Movement is the definition of community and belongs to all.

Every week will be different, fresh and restorative with two or more Co creative event hosts where you will be introduced to multiple like minded practitioners, healers, coaches and guides to feel their energy, vibrations, light and capacity for expansion, simplification and illumination of self and others to assist or discover, with more clarity and definition, your path, higher self and connect to obtain where you want to be quicker, with less pain and more reasons, purposes, passions and visions.

We do free assessments for those seeking one on ones (18 minutes) and we refer in network to like minded practitioners, healers, coaches and professionals of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds that have a like minded purpose, passion and vision to do and act with what is best for community and the soul in front of them rather than segregation and focusing on their own business, clinics and path. The principle here is simply, give to receive.

Perplexed, clouded or struggling to connect, discover or peel back yourself, your path or to connect with family, friends, clients, patients or simply have and obtain more personal peace, love and harmony? Would you like a free 18 minute assessment?

All events are free and is our way of giving back and serving our community.

Please reach out with questions and or comments.

Positive light, love and vibrations.


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Natural Pain Relief; Emotions of the Organs and Health

10399 Old Placerville Rd

Dispelling Illusions of the 3rd Eye and Heart

Complementary and Integrative Practitioners Network

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