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We use practical methods that guide your brain, body and spirit to enlightenment.

The world has changed.
Consciousness is arising.
Mass awakening is happening.
The One Process workshop uses direct transmission and the most powerful awakening methods to date.
80% of the participants entered the process of awakening during The One Process Workshops.

Join us and wake up!



Ken became aware of his True Nature and experienced Oneness at an early age. Raised in a Christian culture, he had been practicing Buddhism for over ten years, which then lead to non-duality.

He has been teaching the principles of A Course in Miracles for 16 years. These various spiritual practices are for him but pointers to the Truth, which always lies beyond any conceptualization.

During a period of intensive spiritual practice in 1998, he received an inner teaching - The One Question - which facilitates the teachings in the spiritual gatherings. Putting his personality (ego) aside, Ken became more and more receptive to hear the 'still small voice' of what can be called the Universal Self, the Higher Self, or Spirit. During gatherings, Ken shares the teachings he receives in this way.

Along with being a spiritual teacher, Ken has had a career as a musician, songwriter and music producer.


Brigitte felt the call of Truth at an early age. In search of answers, she turned first to science and quantum physics and became a physicist engineer. She then became a psychologist and a psychotherapist, and had a career as a trainer in Therapeutia, the Training Institute of Psychotherapy she founded.

Her spiritual journey is marked by her encounter with A Course in Miracles and Advaita. In 2004, she experienced a spiritual connection that called her to devote her life to Self-realization.

Her encounter with Ken and his teachings of The One Question lead to the alchemy of The One Process approach.

Brigitte woke up with the same approach that we are offering to our participants.

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Enter The Awakening Process

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