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TAI CHI WITH MASTER CLARKE A necessary, fun, and educational experience that reduces stress and promotes longevity and better quality of life. Who says Tai Chi has to be boring! INTRODUCTION: Experience “poetry in motion”. The light and graceful dance-like movements of this mysterious art also have meaning. Tai chi flows like a river, but is also as still as a mountain and as powerful as the waves of the ocean. Through this tai chi series, you will learn form, application, internal healing methods, stress relief, and will also receive an introduction to Master Clarke’s pushing hands series called "The Art of Being Pushed”. These classes are fun, safe, and very educational! Plus, you will laugh a lot and leave with a smile on your face! CLASS DESCRIPTIONS: Tuesday Evenings, 6:15-7:30pm Tuesday evening is like a music class. What do the notes/postures mean? How do they work in a practical situation? How do these moves affect my body? The information shared on Tuesday nights is very substantive – you will receive detailed instruction and will begin to see the merit to the movements. When you understand all of the layers to the poem/song/movement, it makes your tai chi experience one that is educational, everlasting, and joyful. Thursday Evenings, 6:00-7:30pm There are many ways to relax! At Rocky Mountain Movement, our Thursday night tai chi class has a style of its own. Come for “Happy Hour Tai Chi” from 6:00-6:30p.m., "potluck social style", with a wine of your choice (red or white) or other beverage and cheese/crackers/snacks. After work or a long day, this is a great way for some of you to wind down and socialize with other students before we get started. Then, the class begins at 6:30pm. The whole point of Thursday night is to be footloose and carefree. This class will include a variety of different methods, including chi gong, meditation, form practice, etc. Relieve pent up and unwanted stress that can weigh you down. When you leave, you will feel refreshed, renewed, and relaxed .... and have some of the best sleep of the week. Saturday Mornings, 9:00-10:00am Saturday's meetup is a great class to attend. Experience “Yo-Chi”, a combination of tai chi and yoga. Understand the importance of the five elements - fire, water, earth, wood, and metal - and how they relate to internal healing of the heart, kidneys, spleen, liver, and lungs. Learn the moves of the form using a “Tai Chi by Numbers” program created by Master Clarke, which will improve your memory and allow you to continue your practice at home. This class is a combination of chi gong, form routines, weaponry, and push hands applications. Saturday Mornings, 10:00-11:00am This class will be a combination of weapons and Push Hands practice. Free your spirit in great company with the flow of Tai Chi, creating a better quality of life and health for yourself and for your family. So, please come as our guest and feel the Chi. First class is FREE! Call (720)[masked] for more details.

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