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Greetings from the newest Meetup group in the Franklin co area, “The Open.” For whatever you are looking for when it comes to meeting new people, hanging with old friends, and enjoying yourself, this group wants to be there for you. This group takes a different approach from your usual meetup: we want to know what is really important to you. Your input has an influence on what activities “The Open” will do. What does that mean for those looking in? It means that everyone is welcome! We celebrate the difference. Race, Creed, religion, LGBTQ, political views; you are welcome with us and you are safe. We can gather for bars, libraries, open discussions, advocacy, self-improvement, networking… the limits can be as far as your imagination.

The goal is to keep variety in our activities while figuring out what works for all of you. Being a member is the low price of Free99!


Please feel free to reach out to me through the app or in person if you have any questions or concerns. All concerns will be taken seriously and addressed in a reasonable manner. More details to come!

The meetings are not endorsed by a certified mental health professional. Matters discussed in the forums should not be consider clinical guidance. If you have a mental health situation or emergency, we encourage you to seek professional help. Again, we are not certified mental health professionals. The Open may call public safety professionals if necessary.

The forum is open to discuss a variety of matters. If there is something that you personally wish to not discuss, please free to let me know where the discussion needs to stop. The matters will be respected.

The group itself does not endorse any particular organization, political group, religion, or belief. Bring your ideas, beliefs, and feelings to the open discussions. Whether in support or agreement with what is said in the forums, we ask for everyone to keep and open mind in our discussions.

Accusations of harassment or sexual harassment by other group members will be taken seriously. You are highly encouraged to report offensive or inappropriate behavior. It will be addressed in a fair, timely manner.

*if you have any questions or comments, please let me know*

Forum Rules:

1) Discussions can range from happenings of the day, feelings, ideas, stress relieve, and problem solving.

2) We are open to anything said. The matters discussed could bring out a variety of emotions. Respect the people that share the space. Please avoid insults and demeaning labels. Derogatory remarks or threats towards another attendees can result in you being asked to leave.

3) Matters discussed are encouraged to be researched in real time. You may use your smartphones to pull information to add to the discussion.

4) Should the discussions be about personal issues or for the sake of mental health (venting), please respect the individual’s feelings in the matter. In these instances, we will ask if you would like us to breakdown the issue, offer solutions, or just would like time to decompress.

5) Every 15 mins, we will take a minute to engage in a relaxing breathing exercise

6) The forum is BYOB and food. We will do our best to facilitate light snacks.

7) Children are welcome. Please ensure that they respect the space.

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"The Open Forum"

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