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Hey there,

My name is Nathan and we are the Creative Primes!
I'm looking forward to meeting you.


If you've already RSVP'd to our next meeting, THANK YOU! It really helps others feel more comfortable about joining in too. If you haven't, why not pop over and push that little RSVP button? In 6 months, you'll wish you did...

Here's what you can expect:

• We have a lot of energy.

• We treat our guests like old friends who are welcome in our home.

• We are sometimes loud (but not obnoxiously so) and we laugh...a lot.

• We don't censor ourselves but we try to be appropriate. Everyone is (usually) over 18 and we are all adults.

• You are NOT required to participate or share. It's all up to you. You can be "fly on the wall" status, if that's how you roll.

• There is very little lecturing. I sometimes teach a short class on some idea or concept but we usually do group collaboration and creative exercises. The learning happens naturally. Feel inspired!

• You can leave the meeting at any time. No one is chained to a chair.

• If you stay till the end you WILL feel that you've accomplished something.

• Some of our members have very quirky personalities. Creators and artists can be weird. So prepare yourself.

• New guests and first timers always get a LifeLine. What's that? It's when a trusted core member takes you under their wing and helps you along. You can talk to them about anything (related to the meeting), at anytime.

• Expect to make some new friends. We care about helping you break through your creative barriers.

• If you're naturally awkward, that's GREAT :-) We'll adjust how we interact with you, so you feel just right. Join us anyway!



This group gives you an opportunity to talk about your creativity, your challenges, and creative successes, while getting instant feedback from real people. We help each other polish, prepare, build, develop, nurture, and complete our creative projects. We discuss tips, solutions, and practical techniques that break you through your creative barriers and get you what you want!

Whether you're into comics, writing, photography, dancing, martial arts, poetry, technology, magic, public speaking, exercising, social dynamics, or anything in between...you are a "Creative Prime" and this is the group for you.

"Join the Order and Break Through Your Creative Barriers, using the collective power of every single Creative Prime."

There are "infinitely many" creative prime numbers. Each prime is a building block of creativity, both for itself and the other 1's in the group.

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Panera Bread

Time to expand our creativity!

Panera Bread

Time to expand our creativity!

Panera Bread

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