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Have you ever wanted a place where you could find out.... • How easy and effortless practicing Shamanism can be? • What Shamanism can offer you in a practical way? • How to satisfy your curiosity about Power Animals and what they mean in our lives? After a hiatus from this group I am very happy to bring back my original “Beginning Principles of Shamanism” with a new feel and applicability to our lives. I am renaming it “The Ordinary Shaman” because I would like everyone to utilize this ancient practice applying it to the modern world. You don’t need to be a shaman from the mountains, jungles or villages to gain great benefit from its teachings. I want everyone to have access to the healing facets that can help through the challenges that affect us all. The group is for the curious, the seeker, the experienced and in-experienced. I welcome old and new members to this community where we will learn: • About our power animals/totems. • How to experience these healing spirits through “Journeying” • Some practical uses of Shamanism for daily life. • How to not feel alone in a world full of chaos and disconnect.

Peace Through Metamorphasis

295 Redondo Ave. Ste. 103 · Long Beach, CA

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This group is for people who are interested in learning about Shamanism. All levels are welcome. We will learn Shamanic journeying with Power Animals and expand our consciousness. I am a Shamanic Practitioner with several years experience, and look forward to creating a space for this spiritual work.

Christine is a shaman who uses the practices of extractions, release of negative energies and spirit attachment, soul retrieval and divination to heal and protect her clients. She facilitates the process of journeying enabling others to seek answers from their guides as a lifelong relationship. The practice of shamanism involves connecting with our guides, hearing their message and allowing ourselves to heal through the Shaman’s gift

Shamanism is an ancient practice that has found a new season in the hearts of humankind. We are distinguishing now what is essential and what does not fit our cumulative design for living. We see now that the other realms are waiting for us to claim our time with them.

The power animals, spirit guides, or messengers are retracing steps for us leading us into a higher good. As we learn to communicate through a gentle ‘journey’ to our guides, we open to our higher selves and feel grounded by the wisdom that we receive. We step into a higher consciousness that opens doors for our healing.

Shamanism is for anyone who is seeking a spiritual path or feel disconnected from the world around him/her or from himself/herself. It is for those who struggle to stay in their healing process, who want the infinite wisdom from beyond the veil to help clarify and console them (

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