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This group is for people who are interested in learning about Shamanism. All levels are welcome. We will learn Shamanic journeying with Power Animals and expand our consciousness. I am a Shamanic Practitioner with several years experience, and look forward to creating a space for this spiritual work.

Christine is a shaman who uses the practices of extractions, release of negative energies and spirit attachment, soul retrieval and divination to heal and protect her clients. She facilitates the process of journeying enabling others to seek answers from their guides as a lifelong relationship. The practice of shamanism involves connecting with our guides, hearing their message and allowing ourselves to heal through the Shaman’s gift

Shamanism is an ancient practice that has found a new season in the hearts of humankind. We are distinguishing now what is essential and what does not fit our cumulative design for living. We see now that the other realms are waiting for us to claim our time with them.

The power animals, spirit guides, or messengers are retracing steps for us leading us into a higher good. As we learn to communicate through a gentle ‘journey’ to our guides, we open to our higher selves and feel grounded by the wisdom that we receive. We step into a higher consciousness that opens doors for our healing.

Shamanism is for anyone who is seeking a spiritual path or feel disconnected from the world around him/her or from himself/herself. It is for those who struggle to stay in their healing process, who want the infinite wisdom from beyond the veil to help clarify and console them

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Peace Through Metamorphosis


Welcome to this JOURNEYING group where you experience with your senses the world of your animal spirits. In this group you can expect to meet like minded seekers who also want to widen their intuitive abilities as you listen to the live drumming and connect with your animal spirits.

This is a group for those new to shamanic journeying and those who have experience. It is a safe place to expand your understanding of yourself and feel the delight of the companionship with your power animal. We begin by sharing a bit about ourselves, then Chris describes journeying and a background in Shamanism. Then she drums while you get in a comfortable position on a chair or the floor. When the drumming is over she calls you back. You have the option to share the messages you received or not with the group.

You maybe someone who wants to know about experiencing beyond your every day life, one where you get to feel the loving messages that give you greater peace and contentment in your life. You maybe in a crossroads and want guidance on what direction to take.

"If WHALE is your power animal you're self-contained, quiet, and contemplative and you let very few people know your inner workings. You're very psychic and highly intuitive, with a natural gift of clairaudience and telepathy."
(From Animal Spirit Guides by S.D. Farmer, PH.D.
Whale photo by sarahrichterart

You may bring a mat, eye cover and writing materials to journal the messages you get from the journeying experience. There are chairs, pillows in my space and I drum for you. The cost of the group is $37 which you can pay by cash, Venmo or zelle. If you have any questions, please contact me, Chris Alisa at [masked]

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Peace Through Metamorphosis