Past Meetup

Methods of Great Portraiture - 26th

Price: CA$35.00 /per person
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What makes a great portrait? Lighting? Background? Rapport? All three of course!

In this workshop we'll explore all the aspects of portraiture and put the theory into practice with 3 models in our favorite meeting room/terrace at 179 George St.

This session will explore different lighting techniques to create the many styles of portraits. We'll dive into loop lighting, split lighting, butterfly, rembrandt and even three point lighting. We'll look at high key and low key styles, talk about backgrounds; and we'll use grids, umbrellas and softboxes to explore different qualities of light. It'll be a ton of fun and you'll learn light!

We'll also talk about posing and developing a rapport with your subject. We'll learn a few simple tricks portrait photographers use to make sure people look their best. (Hint: It's all about the chin!)

I have raised the price of my normal workshops to cover costs and ensure our 3 models are compensated for their time. This will make sure everyone gets a chance to put the theory into practice in three different stations.

If you are new to my workshops here are some recent workshop reviews:

Very practical learning session. Joel is an excellent instructor! -Lu Zhang

Joel is a gifted speaker and lecturer... I've already signed up for another one! -Anne

Joel is a great instructor and presents a good mix of theory with practical experience and individual attention. -Dave Grant

I enjoyed Joel's insight and the way he made everyone feel comfortable to interact. -Howard Bernard