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Apprentice for a day

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Mike G.


There was a lot of interest for my last "Photo Assistant Opportunity " (

I'll offer them again, but in the meantime allow me to leave this as an open invitation.

What I'm suggesting is I work with you one-on-one and offer anyone interested personalized education in the form of "photo apprentice for a day".

For a fixed fee of $100 I'll guide you through a photo shoot from start to finish.

This is not me doing and you just looking, this is you doing and me coaching.

What I'd work with you on is tailored to your needs.
Here is a sample "day":
1-- Creating a shoot concept (approx 2 hours)
2-- Finding a model/client (1 Hour)
3-- Locating the props (variable)
4-- Scouting a location (variable)
5-- Planning and scheduling the shoot (variable)
6-- Doing the shoot together (approx 2-3 hours)
7-- Editing the final images (approx 2 hours)
8-- Presentation/deliver to the client/model (variable)

The fee just covers my time and coaching presumed to be about a typical day.
It is not a physical "day" but a typical work day (7-8 hours) spread out over several weeks as our mutual schedules permit. this can be adjusted if you need a bit more or less.

You can bring your own talent, or I can usually help find make-up artists, models etc that you can help select. Also available for reasonable fees are access to my studio, props, paid model pool. I encourage you to use your own euipment, so you learn to better use your own gear, but I can also loan you whatever is needed to achieve your apprentice learning goals.

I get various requests from models for photo shoots but I am very selective in which I can take on, and generally charge models for their portfolio work. If they are unable to pay the rates and agree to shoot with my apprentices, I add them to a waiting list. Then under this Apprentice program, you have access to some of the models I have on the waiting list.

Since I have my own studio, I can make that available too,
for a discounted rate of $15/hour under this program.

If this is of interest just drop me a note at
and we can discuss a "virtual" day aimed at your personal needs.

NOTE -- There is no actual date for this (meetup just requires that I add a date). In reality we do the apprentice sessions based on mutual availability.
Needs a location