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Attend the next Ottawa WordPress Group Meetup

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Our apologies to those planning to attend this meet-up, we've decided to postpone it until we can get a date/place where more members are available to attend.

We're planning to post a survey on our website to get some preferences from the group. Watch for a upcoming email for more information.

We are all set for our next meet-up.

We will have two topics for this months meet-up in keeping with our Blogger and Developer Streams. The topics are:

Blogging Stream:

Top 10 Tips for Blogging with WordPress - Presenter - David Cook

Get a head start on your own blog (or take it to the next level) by learning the top 10 tips, which are specifically geared toward anyone running on or planning to launch a site on the self-hosted platform.

Developer Stream:

An upgrade safe technique to add functions to your blog - Presenter - Rick Radko

When you want to add functionality to your WordPress blog with a code snippet from the web, where should you paste it? The source sites say "Just paste this code in your functions.php", but themes installed from ( are now part of the update system. When they update, they will overwrite your functions.php and you will lose your code!

This talk will show you how to easily create your own personal upgrade safe places to save your code snippets and theme changes. This presentation is geared towards everyone who uses WordPress.

Hope to see you all at the next meeting....and bring a friend!

The Ottawa WordPress Group
The Ottawa WordPress Group
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