Past Meetup

The Celebrity-Speckled Smith, Johnson, and Rocky Loop Hike


Rocky Peak Trail

7900 Santa Susana Pass Rd · Simi Valley, CA

How to find us

Park on the South Side of Rocky Peak Road off the 118 in Simi Valley

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The first part of this strong intermediate hike takes us from Rocky Peak Road down a single track trail with several sections of poison oak (LONG PANTS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED, which is why I want you to READ THE DESCRIPTION here!!!!) and across a small stream crossing until we get to the Santa Susana Pass road, where we'll hike a short distance up Iverson Road until we get to the ......SMITH part of this hike, where we will hike through an exclusive, gated community where several have told me that Will Smith, the actor, lives. Judging by the amazing homes there, I do believe it. Singer Smokey Robinson also lives here. Don't worry about the guard at the gate. I can get us in. Hey...Will, Smokey and I are tight!

The JOHNSON part of the hike begins where we exit the the mansion-speckled area and up we go on the Johnson Motorway until we arrive at the ruins of an old ranch house that was clearly beautiful in its day. We'll do a potluck hike here sometime soon, but not today.

After exploring the ruins, we'll continue up and up until we get to the ROCKY part of the hike, which is NOT Rocky Balboa, but where the Johnson Motorway reaches the Rocky Peak fire road, about 6 miles from where we parked our cars. From there, we'll head east until we reach our usual stopping point for Rocky Peak, when we do the 'normal' Rocky Peak route, unlike today. I'm trying to time this hike so that we reach that stopping point in time to catch what is quite often a fantastic sunset (@ 7:12 pm this day), before we return the last 2.5 miles down to our cars.

Directions: Take the 118 to the Rocky Peak Road exit, right between Simi Valley and the San Fernando Valley. Park on the SOUTH SIDE of Rocky Peak road, where there is lots of space on both sides of the road.

Distance: 9 miles
Elevation Gain: 1800'
Difficulty: Strong intermediate
Dogs: No
Restrooms: No
Water Fountain: No
Parking: Free off the Santa Susana Pass Road
Trail: Single track, and fire road excellent condition

Known Dangers: Poison oak (wear long pants!!!!!!!!!!), Rattlesnakes, slip-'n-fall

Post Hike Advice: Wash your clothes immediately because you will quite likely have poison oak oil on your lower pant legs. If you are foolish enough NOT to read this description, you will have those oils on your LEGS, in which case you damn well better take an immediate shower with lots of soap, or you will suffer the consequences.

Our hike difficulty categories:

Beginner: No steep sections. Up to 4 miles in distance and no more than 750' elevation gain.
Intermediate: 4-10 miles, and/or up to 2000' elevation gain.
Advanced: More than 10 miles, and/or more than 2000' elevation gain.

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