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Mystery Hike Revealed: Evening on Rocky Peak

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The Rocky Peak hike is known for its breath-taking sandstone formations and majestic views of both Simi and the San Fernando Valleys. There is also a large cave (last pic down below) on the lower section of the trail just below the second of two park benches where you can rest. On a clear evening you can see the both Catalina and the Channel Islands (the latter pictured in the distance at sunset, all photos below were taken by me on this hike). The trail is actually a wide fire road, but it is not smooth, and is a combination of both uneven sandstone and short sections of loose sand.

This is not a hike for beginners because it is about 5 miles round trip and quite steep with a total elevation gain of 1200' with all of it coming in the first mile and the last half mile. The middle section gives you a welcome breather before the final ass-kicker to the top.

Dogs are welcome, but please make sure they are strong enough for this hike. Here is a link to a video of mine where I participated in the rescue of a dog that wasn't ready for it: Dog Rescue on Rocky Peak ( (Happy ending: I later met the owners of the dog right here in my own condo complex, and I have seen the safe, healthy pooch many a time.)

On Sept 5, if the sun cooperates with predictions it will set at 7:16 pm, meaning if you are a reasonably fast hiker you can make it to the top in time to catch the view. If not, you will still likely be able to bask in the afterglow.

I have done this hike a lot with a group or by myself and I even hiked it last year late at night to watch the annual Perseid meteor shower. We will be descending in the dark, so make sure you bring a reliable flashlight.

Here is a link to another of my hiking vids where you can get a good look at many sections of the trail: Wildflowers on Rocky Peak Hike (

It may be a weeknight, but this is another location that is easy for all to reach because it's right at the end of an off ramp from a major freeway.

Directions: Take the 118 to the Rocky Peak Road exit, which is at the border of Ventura and LA Counties. You can park on either side of the 118, but there is more available parking on the south side. There are generally lots of people up here this time of the evening, so carpooling is recommended.

Known Dangers include recklessly speeding mountain bikers and rattlesnakes (actually it's the bikers, not the snakes, who speed), which you could easily encounter on this trail, so please watch the ground as you are moving. We have often seen mountain lion prints here after rains, but I have never actually seen one. Coyotes are also frequently encountered, but I don't think they are much of a danger. Several lower portions of the trail are covered with loose gravel, left by inconsiderate movie producers, which is dangerous footing on the downhill, so please be VERY careful of this damn stuff, which I have often slipped on.

The next pic is simply a rock formation that I find interesting, and the last pic is the large cave I mentioned above.