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Wendy Trail to Waterfall

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This trail starts with a slight downhill to a tree-lined creek bed, which is unlikely to have any water. Shortly after coming out of the trees, their will be a fork wher we will keep left up a steep slope.

Just after we reach the top, we will come to an old windmill who's only purpose seems to be to serenade us with it's squeak. We will then continue through a shaed area, making several switchbacks.

At the top, stay right and head downhill for about 100 yards then make a left 180 down the canyon trail. Dogs are stopped in their place by a big sign that says No Dogs! I haven't been on this part of the trail, but their may be some small stream crossing at the bottom of the canyon. Afterwards, their will be a moderate climb for about a quarter of a mile. Stay straight at the switchback which is called Spur trail and will take you to the falls after a few hundred yards. Be wary of poison oak on this trail.

We will return by taking the same trail back up to the 180 fork, but this time heading straight. A little farther down we will take a right on one of the loop trails which will take us back to our cars.

Length: 3.6mi
Elevation: ~300 ft
Duration: 2 Hours
Dogs: No
Bathroom at Trail: No
Difficulty: Advanced Beginner to Moderate

Directions: Head South from the 101 on Wendy Drive. At the end of Wendy Drive, park at the dirt area along Potrero Rd. in Newbury Park.


View of the Waterfall (There may not be as much water)

Old Windmill

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