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Are you ready to eliminate any & all of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

How about stepping up and learning new skills to powerfully impact and support your son or daughter?

This is for you – the parent who wants to offer a revolutionary type of provision for their child.

This is for you – the parent that wants their child to be more motivated to reach their full potential.

This is for you – the parent who isn’t focussed purely on grades but helping their child to be happy in their true self.

In the words of Frederick Douglas - "it is easier to build strong children that to repair broken men."


A Meet Up designed to help you and your child to live their best life.

I believe that empowered children become resilient adults and it all starts at home. Parents have the most significant role to play as they are the experts when it comes to their children.

**What parents are saying**

“Student Breakthrough changed her life” SO

“Sam has achieved change in my granddaughters mental approach” DM

“This has been the most positive thing I have ever done” HF

"Student Breakthrough has empowered her to take on more opportunities" GK

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I believe there is a new type of parent. A parent who provides their child with a revolutionary approach in order to help them gain life skills that they simply don’t teach in the classroom. A parent who learns to connect with their child on a deep and meaningful level. A parent who coaches their child to live as a “Breakthrough Champion”. As a result, your child will become empowered with the tools, visions and beliefs to help them live their best life so they can change the world. This two hour meet up will give you three simple techniques that you can implement right now to help your child as a true parent-coach. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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The Family Breakthrough

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