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Whether you’re looking for fresh ideas or you’re facing big challenges with your children, this group is for people interested in learning more about Parenting by Connection. We know that parents want to be close to their children. They want to love them fully and help them thrive. But the stress and isolation that parents face whittles away at their ability to give good attention to their kids. Research in the field of attachment over the last several decades demonstrates that when parents understand their own personal histories they can be more connected to their children. In a Parenting by Connection class you’ll learn how to develop “listening partnerships” with other parents to explore your own history and to express the joys and challenges of parenting. You’ll also learn how to use listening techniques with your children to let them know that you accept their feelings even when you can’t accept all of their behaviors. You’ll learn how vital it is to set limits in a firm and loving way and the healing power of tantrums, tears, and laughter. Join us for a free introduction, a Building Emotional Understanding class, a workshop, or a consultation and you'll gain the support and tools you need to build a strong and connected relationship with your child--even on the hard days!

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