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This is a sacred space we embrace as a Spiritual Learning Center. All faiths and religions are welcomed with open arms and open hearts. We provide spiritual development workshops and regular weekly events. Our desire is to raise the consciousness of the community and we hope to do this by raising our own vibration as we come together at each event.

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Healing stress, anger, guilt, through understanding. Healing any negative emotions. Healing relationships, karma, and bad luck Powerful Mantras, Active meditations. Awakening to Higher Self. Manifesting

the "SALON SERIES" with Stefan, every other Wednesday, starting August 21st

The Salon Series is fashioned after the tradition in Europe, hundreds of years ago, when people 'of like mind' would meet to discuss and exchange ideas on a variety of topics. (You) $15 (You & Friend) $10 each While it is intended for each sessions'participants to spontaneously choose the topics for THAT particular evening, the 'menu' could include : 2012...>2013 energetic vortex shifts, Angels & Archangels, Auras & subtle energetic fields/our Merkaba, Dreamwork & 'lucid dreaming' etc...

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