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Is laughter really the best medicine? Maybe the Reader's Digest was right! We will try to prove it at our Meetup. Bring a short video clip on your cell or tablet that makes you laugh and share it with us. This will be a lot of fun! And keep on meditating and journaling on the 12 Attributes. See you then!

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    The Perennial Path is a framework for spiritual practice underpinned by the Perennial Philosophy and transpersonal psychology. The principles of the Perennial Philosophy are that the material world is a manifestation of the Divine Ground – God – or Spirit and that we are all one. There are eight aspects of the Perennial Path:

    Physical Well Being





    Transpersonal Awareness



    The aspects are practices and skills that are the map of the territory that needs to be covered for a holistic engagement of a spiritual life and practice.

    The Perennial Path also has twelve attributes. They are:


    Non Attachment Interconnectedness

    Compassion Respect Responsibility

    Commitment Faith Honesty

    Gratitude Joy


    The attributes are ways of being in the world.

    The Perennial Path is not a rigid dogma and is inclusive of spiritual traditions. It draws on age old spiritual practices and modern psychology. It is for anyone who is serious about living more consciously and growing to higher states of physical, mental and spiritual well being.

    We are a transpersonal group that will involve varying exercises, activities, and participation in the unfolding process of living a more spiritual life. One of the roles of the group is incorporating the spiritual into our daily lives. The participation can include new practices you would like to incorporate, ventures you would like to undertake, books you have read and would like to discuss. The group will be unfolding and very experiential. The structure of the group is to have everyone experience and participate in the unfolding of this great process. The group is open ended in the belief people are motivated to share what interests and moves them to help uncover their true self.

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