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Welcome to another human friendly meetup! We will explore Pet Adoption; how to choose, what type is a good fit, expectations, and most importantly are you ready for a new family member. Do you know what breed and or type of pet fits your lifestyle? Do you need help with introducing a new pet to the family, animal and/or human? Are you new to pet ownership? When is the right time after loosing a pet?

All of this and so much more I can teach you, and we can learn from each other. We will also meet at an animal shelter and work on how to go about finding the perfect pet.

After having pets of all shapes and sizes, types, and species I have a lifetime of personal experiences, but that is not all. Being a Pet Psychic I can hear conversations, feelings, and detect behavior that all help me help you. My years of animal training, as well as working in a veterinarian clinic give me details to see that you might miss. Even though I would love to fill my home with all types of pets from our shelters, that would not be the responsible or caring thing to do. I hope to teach others how to adopt and share the love of having a pet.

Let's learn together,


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Let's meet at the Park!

Edenvale Gardens Regional Park

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