What we're about

The purpose of this group is to provide a safe place for women to be vulnerable and open about their chronic illness. To provide a platform where we can provide support and understanding, exchange information regarding health tips, pain management, good doctors we've found (and not so good), etc. in a way to improve our physical and mental health surrounding these illnesses. From PCOS to endometriosis, there's no need for an official diagnosis for you to be welcomed here. Any woman experiencing symptoms they think might be related to a chronic illness are welcome. We will do many different things from chatting at coffee shops, to yoga in the park, to just sitting around getting to know each other and chatting with other strong women in the same boat as you are. Our goal is to increase our vibrations so we're able to thrive in this life and embrace our bodies and illness turning it into something positive for both ourselves and those around us. <3

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So MUCH MORE than our Illness 👊🏼

Laughing Planet Cafe

Overlook Park - First Meetup!

Overlook Park

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