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Spring Vegan Potluck at The Rotunda
Please join us for a vegan potluck just like the super fun ones we have hosted here in the past! Children are welcome! We can accommodate dozens of folks and really want to encourage you to bring guests as well as meet new people. Please bring a small vegan dish of your choosing, a card or sheet of paper listing your ingredients, and a serving utensil. Vegan food uses no animal ingredients so please make sure your dish does not contain dairy milk/cream/yogurt/cheese (vegan versions of all of these can be found at stores or made at home!), whey, meat, eggs, honey, etc. If anyone brings non vegan food to the potluck, we will ask them to put it away. We want to serve food vegan only. Just a couple of notes: The Rotunda doesn't have a kitchen, so please bring your dishes ready to serve. We won't be able to heat up anything, freeze anything, etc. We also can't guarantee enough outlets for crock pots and the like. In addition, The Rotunda will provide disposable or compostable plates, forks, knives, spoons, cups, and napkins but you're more than welcome to bring your own reusables! Admission is FREE.

The Rotunda

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    Welcome to The Philadelphia Vegetarian Social Club! I hope to develop a group for friendly Philadelphians who have chosen to be meat-free (carnivores welcome too, but we'll only eat out at vegetarian destinations!) and who enjoy having meals with fellow vegetarians while having good conversation, and building camaraderie. I am still somewhat new to Philadelphia myself so this would be a great way to not only explore Philly's awesome foodie destinations but also make new friends.

    I hope to organize weekend dining meetups (potentially some weeknights too if there is interest) to all the various restaurants in Philadelphia that are either purely vegetarian or offer significant vegetarian menu options. This would be a great way for you to try any particular cuisine or restaurant that you haven't tried yet, or go back to a classic vegetarian haven that's been around for many years! The group is open to suggestions. Most of all, I want to connect fellow Philadelphians who're vegetarians with each other, share good food and fun conversation, and build a sense of community. There is a growing number of vegetarians/vegans in the city, so why not meet some of them and enjoy exploring all the vegetarian options in town!

    If there is interest in the future, I would love to organize other vegetarian-friendly events such as inviting experts in urban farming to speak to the group, hold recipe-exchange sessions, discuss and debate environmental issues impacting our food chain, explore the potential of a CSA among group participants, having relevant discussion meetups such as on Meatless Mondays, etc.

    However, I do not want this group to become a platform for heavy handed advocacy or putting down the carnivores among us. This is also NOT a commercial venture of any sort. Let's enjoy nature's vegetarian bounty among those who appreciate it, and let others enjoy what they will!

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