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Sometimes it is the unexpected that prompts engineering discoveries that can change the course of history, in this case the development of the internal combustion engine. We know now that you don't need a spark to set fuel on fire, but Rudolf Diesel proved it by causing his first prototype engine to explode just by injecting fuel into a combustion chamber containing highly compressed air.

While alternative and renewable (whatever that means) fuels and energy sources are the big news nowadays, it might be wise to remember that the vast majority of heavy freight transportation, by land and sea, is moved using diesel engines. So far nobody has attempted to seriously argue that solar and wind power can replace these massive and highly efficient (particularly compared to wind and solar) power sources. Yet the noisy, shrill, and increasingly irrational propaganda advocating the end of "fossil" fuels continues.

In many parts of the world, including most of Africa and much of India, Asia, and the Middle East, most electrical power generation is accomplished by using diesel generators. Governments continue to push for very expensive, centralized, energy grids, but the people seem to do just fine generating power for themselves, their businesses, and perhaps the local neighborhood.

Yet the misinformation continues, claiming that diesel engines are dirtier and pollute more than gasoline engines, but we have known for decades that, because the diesel combustion cycle is longer and more efficient than a gasoline engine, the amount of pollutants, particularly that nasty poison CO2, is much less with a diesel. And if you are concerned about nitrogen oxide, it is easily converted back to nitrogen and oxygen, which, as you know, is the majority of what we breathe.

Diesel engines can be a very good solution for those of use who want to disengage as much as possible from the centralized systems of theft, since they are very efficient and relatively inexpensive to operate. The engines themselves can be expensive, but they are built to last many years and are much simpler and easier to maintain and repair. In addition, they are a natural supplement to solar, wind, hydro or other intermittent power generation sources as they can be a very efficient way to re-charge battery systems and, during the times of the year where those energy sources fail, diesel generators can operate reliably for weeks at a time, or longer if needed.

If you are looking for a reliable, strong, sexy, and good looking partner that will never let you down, you can try dating apps, social media, or hanging out in bars. Or you can avoid all that crap and just get yourself a diesel. I guarantee you will never regret it.


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