To Slay The Dragon

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Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge

1900 Marshall St NE · Minneapolis, MN

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We'll be out on the deck - unless it is an anti-cyclone, then we'll be inside.

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(Note that because of the holiday weekend this is a combined meetup of both The Green Anchor and Pig's Eye Meetups and replaces the usual meetups this week. As we have in past years, we are meeting on Sunday morning at Psycho Suzi's in NE Minneapolis - hope to see you there!)

Ancient stories contain many archetypal images that are repeated in countless myths and legends through the centuries and millennia. We have looked at some of these already, including the great World Serpent and the Great Mother. These archetypes are symbols of earth, nature, the cycle of life.

But there is another great archetype that is quite different - the hero. Rather than a symbol of the great universal forces of nature and reproduction, the hero is the archetype of rebellion, of independence, of the primacy of the ego and of individual consciousness. In the myths, he is almost always represented by the masculine, which both in myth and in our psyche, represents the ego and the conscious part of our mind.

The reason we see this archetype as a hero, is that he must break free from the restrictions of the collective in order to become an individual, develop his own abilities and skills, and discover his purpose in life. He must embark on a journey of self-discovery which is dangerous both physically and mentally as he is continually obstructed by the symbols of primeval nature, including the great serpent represented by the dragon, the old matriarchal religions of the mother goddess, and by "law and order" and "civilization". Thus the hero must fight against terrible and powerful forces that oppose his desire to discover himself and the meaning of life. To the extent the hero defeats his opponents he receives both treasure and enlightenment, which allows him to return to his land and people with greater abilities and confidence so that he can help others also become strong and enlightened individuals.


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