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When this group started, it was ostensibly about meditation – the mechanics of how to meditate. The benefits of meditation were lost – or at best implicit – to most. It became clear later that many who might have been.interested in what the class focused on and offered were scared away by the “meditation” label.

For many, the word “meditation” sounded more complex than it should. There seemed to be a “right” way and a “wrong” way to meditate and confusing the two seemed like a kiss of death. – Something best avoided.

Over the years, several things have become clear. One is that there is no “right” way to meditate. Each person brings his or her own definition to what it means to be in touch, or to meditate, and many who do not follow formal definitions nevertheless gain benefits and results from things they do. Whether they call these things “meditation” or not is academic. They benefit from them and they can learn and teach from their own experiences and that of others.

Another thing that has grown clear is that the benefits of meditation do not come from the meditation itself, but from the ways in which meditation can bring out alternate ways of seeing, feeling, and talking about experience. In other words, the value of consciousness training is not in the training, but in how that training changes (your experience of) the world. Focus on the “how” or formalisms risks losing the benefits.

Meditation is a tool – one among many – that we have come to rely upon in our group, but by no means is it the only tool. Other tools come from shamanism, Huna, the Law of Attraction, tantra, and many others. We use these tools in service to our native intelligence and feelings – to gain and share further insight into what it means to be alive – to feel fear and courage, to grow beyond what we find in front of us and toward what we know is there but can not (yet) see. We use it as a tool for growth.

One thing (perhaps the only thing) that we hold in common is a desire to share and to acknowledge each other’s truth. It is through such sharing that our own senses of what is true has grown.

All are welcome. Yoga mats are not necessary. Comfortable clothing suitable for bending and stretching is recommended. Come create together and share in the warmth, welcome, and wisdom.

Requested donation: $10 or more, in accordance with the value received.
Late in the summer of 2008 and again in the winter of 2012, David Park suffered from strokes. Both strokes were severe. In both cases, he came back with tales of experiencing spirit beyond what we commonly call life. In the second, in particular, he emerged from the stroke, not only with information about why he’d had the strokes, but what it was that he had to learn than had led to the second stroke.

David credits consciousness training for his awareness of the death process, as well as his ability to come back to life, and the robustness of his recovery since. He draws from many disciplines from around the world, including shamanism, Huna, the Law of Attraction, and tantra. He leads weekly classes as well as seminars and workshops on various topics. David is currently writing a book and several articles. He contributes regularly to

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